MILPER Number: 17-253





FY18 Enlisted Aide Selection Panel Announcement Message




A.  AR 614-200 (Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management), 26 Feb 09 (Rapid Action Revision 002, 11 Oct 11).

B.  DA PAM 611-21 (Military Occupational Classification and Structure), 22 Jan 07.

C.  AR 600-8-104 (Army Military Human Resource Records Management), 7 Apr 14.

D.  HQDA (DAPE-MPO-S) Memorandum, 4 Feb 08, subject:  Personnel Suitability Screening Policy.

1.  This MILPER Message will expire no later than one year from the date of this message.  Soldiers should refer to the following link for additional Enlisted Aide Program information:

2.  Policy:  Close attention must be given to specific eligibility criteria and other requirements contained in this message.

a.  This announcement contains instructions regarding the Enlisted Aide Selection Panel in accordance with references A and B above.  A selection panel will convene on 1 Nov 17 to consider eligible Soldiers in the rank of Sergeant (promotable only), Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, and Master Sergeant.  This panel will select the best qualified for the Enlisted Aide Program.

b.  The Enlisted Aide Program is open to all Soldiers regardless of military occupational specialty (MOS).  However, Soldiers in understrength MOSs will not be considered until strengths permit (refer to the current IN/OUT MILPER Message).  Those candidates who volunteer to be considered for the Enlisted Aide Program must comply with the required nomination packet submission.  An example of this packet can be obtained at:

c.  Once all required documentation is complete, the prospective candidate must submit the packet to the Enlisted Aide Professional Development NCO (PDNCO) at Human Resources Command (HRC), no later than 29 Sep 17.

d.  Soldiers selected by the panel that have not attended the Enlisted Aide Course or the Advance Culinary Skills Training Course (ACSTC) at Fort Lee, VA will be scheduled for training (Soldiers that do not hold the primary MOS of 92G will also attend the Initial Culinary Course).  Upon completion of all training, the Enlisted Aide Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) Z5 will be granted (92Gs only).

e.  Soldiers selected for the program will become part of the Enlisted Aide Personnel Management Pool.  Upon selection for assignment to a General Officer, the Enlisted Aide will incur a two-year utilization tour, extendable to one additional year (based on the needs of the Army), at the two through four-star tactical, operational, or strategic level.  Upon successful completion of the tour, the Soldier will return to their original branch for an operational Army assignment to ensure leadership and MOS proficiency is maintained.  Soldiers may return to the Enlisted Aide Program after completion of the follow-on operational tour by re-submitting the Enlisted Aide packet as per paragraph 2B above.

3.  Only candidates that apply will be considered.  Candidates that were not selected by previous panels may resubmit their packet for review.  Soldiers that have a service remaining requirement for a bonus do not qualify to apply (92Gs are exempt from this rule).

4.  Additional eligibility information and requirements can be viewed on the General Officer Enlisted Aide Program webpage:

5.  Point of Contact for this MILPER message and the Enlisted Aide Program is, 502-613-5181 (DSN 983).