MILPER Number: 17-250





1st QTR, FY18 Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP)




A.  AR 350-100 (Officer Active Duty Service Obligations), 8 August 2007 (RAR 001, 10 August 2009).

B.  AR 614-100 (Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers), 10 January 2006.

C.  DA PAM 600-3 (Officer Professional Development and Career Management), 26 June 2017 .

D.  AR 600-9 (The Army Body Composition Program), 28 June 2013.

E.  AR 621-1 (Training Of Military Personnel At Civilian Institutions), 28 August 2007.

F.  AR 600-20 (Army Command Policy), 6 November 2014.

1.  This MILPER message is effective upon release and expires NLT 1 July 2018.

2.  This message provides procedural guidance for the 1st QTR, Fiscal Year (FY)18 Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP).  The 1st QTR, FY18 VTIP panel convenes on 16 October 2017.  Army Competitive Category (ACC) officers may submit a DA Form 4187 requesting Branch or Functional Area (FA) transfer from 9 August 2017 through 10 September 2017.  Officers selected for a Branch/FA transfer under this program, will incur Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and training Active Duty Service Obligations (ADSO) to be served in the approved Branch/FA.  Officers who do not meet IN/OUT guidance may seek an exception under paragraph 5.d.  in this MILPER.

3.  Application timeline for the 1st QTR, FY18 VTIP panel:

a.  9 August 2017 – application window opens.

b.  10 September 2017 – application window closes.

c.  16-20 October 2017 – VTIP panel convenes.

d.  1 December 2017 – VTIP panel results released via email to applicants (approximate date).

4.  Eligibility to participate in the 1st QTR, FY18 VTIP:  Officers must be eligible for transfer based on the “IN/OUT call” matrix (table 1-1) described in paragraph 8, and must meet these criteria:

a.  Must be an Army Competitive Category officer.

b.  Must be a First Lieutenant (1LT) in YG14.  Officers in this category are eligible to submit a request for a transfer out of or into a basic Branch/FA.  Once the Captain’s (CPTs) list is released, those not in a promotable status will be pulled from the application roster and will not be eligible for the panel.  All CPTs and CPTs promotable may apply IAW the IN/OUT chart.

c.  Must be a Major (MAJ) whose YG is on the IN/OUT chart.  Officers in this category may request transfer into any FA.  Officers in this category may only request a basic Branch in which they previously served.

d.  Warrant officers are not eligible for this program.

e.  Except for branch detail exceptions IAW para 5.c., Second Lieutenants (2LTs) and 1LTs are not eligible for this program.

f.  Regular Army (RA) officers currently controlled by the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps, Chaplain Corps, AMEDD, or Medical Service (MS) Corps are not eligible for this program.  Officers in these categories should contact their Human Resources Command (HRC) Assignment Officer for branch transfer process.

g.  Recall to active duty and interservice transfer officers are eligible to participate in this program, after serving at least 12 months on active duty in the Branch/FA they were designated.  Applicants must have at least one officer evaluation report (OER) on file in the interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS).  If a OER was not submitted to iPERMS, include the OER with the DA Form 4187 and email to:

h.  United States Army Reserve (USAR) and Army National Guard (ARNG) officers are not eligible for this program.  USAR Active Guard Reserve (AGR) officers may request branch transfer when they are within six months of completing their initial three year AGR tour.  Submit request to Retention Branch at HRC.  Officers must submit a DA Form 4187 (signed only by the officer requesting the transfer, block 9), a Memorandum for Record (MFR) stating reason for request and one letter of recommendation from a LTC or higher.  Officers must submit their request electronically to: and address block 2 of DA Form 4187 to:

Leader Development Division
Attn:  Retention And Transition Branch
1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, DPMT 280
Fort Knox, KY  40122-5208

i.  Officers who have undergone or are pending an unfavorable action are not eligible for this program.  Unfavorable actions include, but are not limited to:  pending or have been found guilty under any form of Uniform Code Military Justice (UCMJ) action as a commissioned officer, receiving a General Officer Letter or Memorandum of Reprimand (GOLOR/GOMR), non-select for promotion, selected by the Officer Selection Board (OSB) referred to a Promotion Review Board, fails to meet Army physical fitness or Army height/weight standards IAW AR 600-9, and officers who have received a referred OER or Academic Evaluation Report (AER).

j.  Officers who participate in MI programs (e.g.  JOCCP, AIDP ISR, AIDP CYBER) are not eligible for branch transfer until completion of their MI utilization tour.

k.  Officers who attended graduate school under the Advanced Civil School (ACS) program, Expanded Graduate School Program (EGSP), Training with Industry (TWI), fellowships, or any other civilian education programs for ADSO are eligible to participate in this program once they complete their utilization assignment.  Officers who possess a Graduate School for Active Duty Service Obligation (GRADSO) contract as part of the Career Satisfaction Program (CSP) may be required to forego their GRADSO option or accept restrictions on its use imposed by the gaining branch or functional area if they accept the transfer.  Restrictions may include attending a specific school in a program of study and for a length of time prescribed by the gaining branch or functional area.

l.  Officers requesting to transfer into Special Forces (SF), Civil Affairs (CA), or Psychological Operations (PSYOP) must have successfully completed the respective officer qualification course previously.

m.  Officers requesting transfer to select functional areas must adhere to the qualifications described in Appendix 1.

n.  Officers must have demonstrated potential for promotion to the next grade.

5.  Exceptions:  The following categories will be considered as exceptions to this program and will be considered separately from VTIP.  Officers that qualify for an exception are not bound to the VTIP panel timeline and may apply at any time.

a.  Lieutenant Colonels (LTC) or Majors (MAJ) beyond the IN/OUT Chart Year Groups (YG01 and older)

b.  1LT(P) and CPTs currently enrolled in the Branch Detail Program requesting to remain in their detailed branch.  Officers submitting a request must be promotable and or a YG14 and cannot be currently on orders (RFO) or have attended their basic branch CCC.  Officers requesting to transfer into a branch other than their detailed branch must adhere to VTIP eligibility criteria.

c.  Officers who must transfer out of their current branch due to medical limitation or medical board proceedings must submit a request for transfer which includes the following:  Three branch/FA preferences annotated on DA Form 4187, medical documentation and/or MOS/Medical Retention Board (MMRB) or MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2) final results.  Current profile must have at least one three in the PULHES.  A two is not justification for branch transfer via the medical exception.
d.  If you believe you are exceptionally well qualified for a FA and that FA is not an “in” for your YG, contact the FA assignment officer to gain support for an ETP.  The final decision for all para 5.d.  ETPs is the Division Chief of LDD.

e.  Officers in categories 5a, 5b, and 5c may submit an exception to policy to Retention Branch at HRC.  Officers must submit a DA Form 4187 (signed only by the officer requesting the transfer), a Memorandum for Record stating reason for request and one Letter of Recommendation from a LTC or above.  Officers must submit their request electronically to: and address DA Form 4187 to:

Leader Development Division
Attn:  Retention & Transition Branch
1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, DPMT 280
Fort Knox, KY  40122-5208

6.  Application Procedures:  The guidelines for officers requesting to participate in 1st QTR, FY18 VTIP are as follows:

a.  Officers should read DA Pam 600-3 to ensure they understand the criteria and qualifications for the Branch/FA they are requesting.  Officers should visit the Branch/FA website to learn more about the Branch/FA of their interest.

(1)  All Functional Areas, with the exception of FA26, FA29, and FA40, require officers to have completed, attending or have orders for CCC.  FA26 and FA29 will arrange on a case by case basis for the officer to complete the Signal (SC) course, Field Artillery (FA) or Air Defense (AD) course, and the Military Intelligence (MI) course respectively.  In the case of FA40, officers will be required to attend a CCC that improves knowledge of the military decision making process (MDMP).

(2)  All FA officers must complete the necessary qualification courses for their approved FA as soon as possible after transfer.  Contact FA assignment officers to find out more information on course dates and curriculum.  Officers who cannot complete the necessary qualification courses will be involuntarily returned to their previous Branch/FA.

(3)  Officers with a P2 or P3 profile must submit a copy of their DA Form 3349 or MMRB/MEB/MAR2 documentation as part of their packet demonstrating they are eligible to deploy world-wide.  Officers that are not world-wide deployable should contact the assignment officer for the FA in which they are interested.  Officer experience may meet a requirement the Army has in which case deployability may be waived.

b.  Officers electing to participate in the VTIP panel must electronically submit a signed (block 9) DA Form 4187 (table 1-2), MFR stating reason for request, transcripts, certifications, and any other documents not in the applicant’s official military personnel file (OMPF) in a single .pdf file format.  This single .pdf file must be saved in a 300 X 300 dpi format or less in density.  Your scanner/printer must be set to monochrome.  Color scans will be rejected as they cannot be uploaded into the Army’s board system.

c.  Officers may only request one Branch/FA.

d.  Requests submitted on DA Form 4187 must only be signed by the officer requesting the transfer.  There is not a requirement for the DA Form 4187 to be signed by anyone in the officer’s chain of command.  See example DA Form 4187 on the VTIP website:

e.  Letters of Recommendation will not be considered.  Each officer competes on his/her own manner of performance and capabilities.

f.  Officers cannot request transfer into  SF, CA, PO (unless successfully completed SF, CA, or PO officer qualification course), Aviation, AMEDD, MS Corps, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, Chaplain Corps, or FA47-Military Academy Professor.

g.  Officers interested in becoming an FA47-Military Academy Professor should contact the Military Academy department in which they are interested in teaching.  The Military Academy also publishes advertisements for professors through enterprise email, the West Point webpage, and Army related publications which describe how and when to apply.  Officers will be screened and selected by a Military Academy committee.  Criteria for an Academy Professor can be found in DA Pam 600-3.

h.  Requests submitted after 2400 hours EST 10 September 2017, will be returned without action.

i.  The submission of a request will not affect an officer on orders or their normal PCS rotation schedule.

j.  The VTIP panel will electronically review all applicants’ submitted documents (e.g.  certifications, GRE score sheets, etc.).  Applicants must submit their DA Form 4187, a signed MFR stating their qualifications for the requested BR/FA and any other requirements from the specific FA they are applying for in .pdf format.  Directions on submitting a complete packet are on the VTIP webpage.

k.  Officers qualifying and electing to participate in the Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program must submit their request electronically to  The address in block 2 of DA Form 4187 will be addressed to:

Leader Development Division
Attn:  Retention & Transition Branch
1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, DPMT 280
Fort Knox, KY  40122-5208

l.  Specific branch and functional area requirements are found in Appendix 1, located on the VTIP website located at:  When applying for a Branch/FA, officers will ensure they meet qualifications IAW Appendix 1 or their packet will be returned without action as part of the VTIP staffing process.

m.  Aviation officers must add the following statement to their DA 4187, “I understand that upon approval of my branch transfer, I will lose my entitlement to receive and accept Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP) monies on the effective date of branch transfer.”  Please use the Aviation 4187 example on the VTIP website.

7.  Approved transfers.  Officers approved for transfer will:

a.  Receive a VTIP approval notification via the email address on their ORB from Retention Branch outlining the transfer date into their new Branch/FA.

b.  Have the option to accept or decline their transfer.  Officers electing to decline transfer will remain in current Branch/FA and must wait one year before submitting another request.  The Branch/FA approved by the selection panel will be void.

c.  Be required to accept or decline their transfer by replying to NLT 30 working days from notification.

d.  Transfer to the selected Branch/FA effective upon the date indicated in the notification offered to the officer.  Officers assigned to units within 120 days of LAD will remain with their unit until R+120 and then transfer to their gaining Branch/FA.

e.  Have at least 12 months’ time on station prior to transfer to the approved Branch/FA.  Officers serving a three year OCONUS tour must complete 30 months of tour prior to their availability date.

f.  Officers who are unable to complete the required training for their approved Branch/FA will be involuntarily returned to their previous Branch/FA.

8.  Transfer eligibility.  “IN/OUT chart” (Branch/FA transfer eligibility):  This table breaks out Branch/FA eligibility by year group for transfer in and out during the 1st QTR, FY18 VTIP panel.  “IN” indicates an officer may request transfer into a Branch/FA.  “OUT” indicates an officer may request a transfer out of a Branch/FA.  “EITHER” indicates an officer may transfer in or out of a Branch/FA.  “CLOSED” indicates that an officer may not transfer in or out of a Branch/FA.  This chart is located at:

9.  Transfer “IN” availability model.  HRC will post on the VTIP website a color coded chart for officers to check available positions in Branch/FA before applying.  This is only for transferring into a new branch or FA.  Black indicates the Branch/FA is closed for entrance.  Red indicates a Branch/FA is within 5 percent or less of their maximum, yellow indicates 6 to 20 percent and Green is 20 percent or more.  To view this chart go to the VTIP  website:

10.  Any questions or concerns about the VTIP program or eligibility can be addressed to the OPMD Retention team via email at or call the program manager at 502-613-6599.