MILPER Number: 17-243





Additional AC Officer Promotion Numbers for August 17




1.  This message will expire not later than (NLT) 4 August 2018.

2.  This message announces the promotion numbers for August.  Military Personnel Divisions (MPD) must review current promotion lists and sequence numbers to determine individuals eligible for promotion in August.  If a MPD receives a promotion order for an officer who is not eligible for promotion (e.g., flagged or separated), it must call the officer promotions section point of contact (POC).  Likewise, if the MPD does not receive an order for an officer who appears to be eligible for promotion, it must call the officer promotions section POC.

3.  Officer promotion orders will be available on ETOPMIS NLT 11 August 2017.  On this date go to, promotion selections web page and download the information paper “releasing monthly officer Department of the Army Special Orders (DASO) electronically” for additional guidance.

4.  The number promoted, sequence number promoted thru, and list promoted from for August are reflected below:

Notes:  1/Exhausts current List, 2/Begins new List, 3/Pending senate confirmation,  4/Pending release of List and * List Year Exhausted.

B.  To LTC
2/OPS1 (Thru SEQ 59)444 on the FY17 List
2/OS1 (Thru SEQ 68)330 on the FY17 List
2/FS1 (Thru SEQ 34)265 on the FY17 List

5.  Department of the Army Special Order (DASO orders) will be posted to ( NLT 11 August 2017.  HRC POC List Management,
HRC-Fort Knox, KY at, DSN 983-9011 or commercial (502) 613-9011.  E-mail is