MILPER Number: 17-242





Standard Data Elements for OCONUS Dependent Travel




A.  Joint Travel Regulation (JTR), App-T, 1 August 2017.

B.  Army Regulation 600-8-105, (Military Orders), 28 November 1994.

1.  This message will expire 30 July 2018.

2.  The purpose of this message is to provide guidance in support of publishing permanent change of station (PCS) travel orders for overseas movement.  The specific instructions furnished within this MILPER supports the travel requirement for dependents identification on the PCS order.  Agencies may issue related administrative procedures provided they do not conflict with or unnecessarily duplicate JTR provisions.

3.  Effective immediately, all OCONUS PCS orders issued will be published with the standard data elements for travel in accordance with reference A and must include full name (first, middle initial, and last) of all personnel listed on the order.

4.  For CONUS to CONUS PCS, the orders-issuing activities will continue to add dependents” Yes/No to the additional instructions authorized for CONUS to CONUS PCS orders.

5.  This is a Human Resources Command (HRC) and Installation Management Command coordinated message.

6.  Point of contact is HRC G3 Readiness Branch, AHRC-PLR, Mr. Harold Murphy,, 502-613-4018.