MILPER Number: 17-238





School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) Advanced Military Studies Program (AMSP) Selection




A.  AR-614-100, (Officer Assignment Policies, Details and Transfers), 10 January 2006.

B.  Army Directive 2012-20, (Physical Fitness and Height and Weight Requirements for Professional Military Education), 17 September 2012.

1.  This MILPER message expires on 3 November 2017.

2.  This message announces the selection process for the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), Advanced Military Studies Program (AMSP).  This selection is to source students to attend resident AMSP 2019 Course, which begins on 26 June 2018 at Fort Leavenworth, KS.

3.  This course has 144 total seats.  Generally, 108 seats are for U.S. Army selects, 18 for other service selects, 9 for interagency selects, and 9 for international officer selects.

a.  The Command and General Staff College (CGSC) AMSP Selection Board will select the best qualified applicants for the course.  The board convenes on 30 October 2017 and is complete on or about 3 November 2017.

b.  Officers incur a two-year service obligation upon completion or termination of the AMSP.  Active component Army officers incur a one-year utilization tour, per AR 614-100, as their first assignment (Tier 1 utilization) after graduation.  All assignments for active component US Army officers following graduation from SAMS-AMSP are directed by the HRC AMSP distribution manager officer based on the HQDAG3, AMSP global distribution requirements and AR 614-100.

4.  Officers who meet the following criteria are eligible to volunteer for AMSP selection consideration:
a.  Be a graduate of a Service Intermediate Level Education (ILE) program or currently enrolled in a Service ILE with a completion date prior to the beginning of AMSP 2019, on 26 June 2018.  An applicant must have successfully completed the service ILE prior to the AMSP course start date to attend the AMSP.  Selected officers who report to SAMS but are not graduates of ILE or MEL4, will not be allowed to begin the AMSP.

b.  Not attended or received credit for attending a service resident advanced military studies program or equivalent foreign school.

c.  USAR Officers (AGR, TPU, IRR, IMA) selected incur a two-year service obligation upon completion or termination of the AMSP.  AGR officers incur a one-year utilization tour as their first assignment after graduation.  The service obligation begins upon graduation or termination of the course.  USAR officers must have a mandatory removal date of 1 July 2021 or later to apply.

d.  Warrant Officers and high quality DA Civilians (GS-13/14 equivalent) are eligible to apply, but must possess a college undergraduate degree.  Funding for DA civilians is the responsibility of the organization to which the civilian select is assigned.  Warrant officers must be graduates of the Warrant Officer Staff Course.

e.  Officers with an approved separation date (either from resignation or retirement) are not eligible for AMSP consideration.

f.  US Army applicants must be in one of the following branches or functional areas:  AC, AD, AG, AR, AV, CM, EN, FA, IN, LG, MI, MP, MSC (ONLY 67A, 67J), SC, SF, CA, & PSYOP. FA 29, 30, 34, 40, 46, 49, 59, and 90 officers may apply.  Note:  Acquisition officers must be DAWIA level 2 certified in contracting with 36 months of contracting experience prior to beginning the AMSP in June 2018.  Any exceptions must be approved by Acquisition Management Branch.

g.  Branches or functional areas not eligible for selection:  FI, JA, CH, AN, DE, MC, MSC (Except 67A, 67J), VC, and SP (RESERVE only).  Functional Areas 26, 42, 48, 50, 52, and 57.  Any officers in these branches or functional areas may apply for SAMS, but will need an exception approved by their HRC Branch Manager prior to 20 October 2017.

h.  Successfully completed individual physical fitness test requirements.  Individual must not have a permanent profile which places the individual in a non-deployable status.  Any U.S. Army individual selected for AMSP who does not pass the physical fitness test in the first week of the course will have 24 days to comply with Army standards.  If the officer again does not pass the test at the end of the compliance period, that officer will be disenrolled from SAMS and receive an adverse evaluation.

i.  Meets height and weight requirements.  Any U.S. Army individual, who reports to SAMS overweight, will be placed on the overweight program in accordance with Army Directive 2012-20.  Any overweight individual will have 24 days to comply with Army standards.  If the officer is not in compliance with their height and weight standards at the end of the compliance period, that officer will be disenrolled from SAMS and receive an adverse evaluation.

j.  Majors in Year Group (YG) 2004 and prior, 2006 and forward, and YG 2005 who are key and developmental assignment complete, are eligible to apply during this selection process for AMSP 2019. Any officer within 36 months of a promotion board, who has not completed their key and developmental assignment at the time of their application to SAMS should use caution in deciding to apply and consult their assignment officer to discuss eligibility, risk for promotion, and career progression concerns.  For example:  Cohort YG 2005 officers who have not completed their key and developmental assignment, who are accepted to AMSP 2019, will be within 9 months of their PZ LTC board following their SAMS utilization requirement.  Lieutenant Colonels with one year or more time in grade, at the time the application window closes, are too senior for the AMSP.

5.  Selection Criteria:

a.  High potential for future service (as assessed by the officer’s HRC Branch representative or service equivalent).

b.  High potential for successful performance in key leadership positions (staff planning, command, etc.) in operational units during operations and high potential for future promotion.

c.  Ability to complete a rigorous graduate level academic program studying Operational Art and the Science of War.

d.  Strong interest in Operational Art and Warfighting at the tactical through operational levels.

e.  Operational deployment experience (Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Africa, etc.).  Applicant’s individual readiness status must be deployable.

6.  To Apply:  The application site will be activated at 1300 CDT on 3 August 2017 and remain active until 1500 CDT on 6 September 2017.  Register using this site:  Applicants will receive an email with the link to the SAMS webpage, once their registration is complete.  Additional instructions along with the required online application forms are available through the SAMS webpage.  SAMS will only accept registrations after 6 September by exception.  Applicants must also submit their required documentation in PDF format (listed in paragraph 10) by 6 September 2017.  All applicant documentation is sent to:

7.  Positive comments on behalf of an officer being considered:  No letters to the president of the board will be included in an applicant’s board file.

8.  Negative comments about the officer being considered:  Communications containing criticism or reflecting negatively upon the character, conduct, or motives of an officer in consideration will be reviewed by the Director, School of Advanced Military Studies, who presides over the CGSC-AMSP Selection Board.

9.  Critical Dates:

a.  Overall Application Window:  3 August (1300CDT) – 6 September 2017 (1500CDT).

b.  Registration and Documents-all documents submitted:  NLT 6 September 2017.

c.  AMSP Examination Period:  18 – 28 September 2017.

d.  Interview Period:  20 September – 20 October 2017.

e.  Supervisor Assessment Due:  NLT 20 October 2017.

f.  CGSC-AMSP Selection Board:  30 October – 3 November 2017.

g.  List Release:  13 December 2017 (NLT):  Upon release of the selection list, selectees have two weeks to decline.  Following that timeframe, individuals who decline do so with prejudice.

10.  Application Process:  Following successful online registration, applicants will receive an email from SAMS admin within three duty days, with the SAMS web page link for selection.  Follow the instructions at the SAMS website and submit items 10b thru 10f to the SAMS web email at:  Do not encrypt nor password protect files you provide SAMS for selection.  You can encrypt the email you use to send the files, but do not encrypt the individual files.  The SAMS team must be able to open your individual files for selection.  Encrypted files, or files not in PDF format will not be included in your board packet.  Additionally, three duty days following submission of your information required below, the SAMS admin will provide you a confirmation email.  Do not call the admin staff to determine the status of your files, unless you have not heard from the staff by the end of the third duty day.  Use your official email address to submit documents since the enterprise system often blocks emails from personal addresses.

a.  Complete online registration.  Use site listed in paragraph 6.

b.  Submit online applicant goals sheet.

c.  Submit current officer record brief (ORB) and the last three officer evaluation reports (OER) or service, agency equivalent individual performance evaluation form.

d.  Submit current physical fitness card with HT/WT data.  Submit any applicable profile.

e.  Applicants currently in the U.S Army, Command and General Staff College, CGSOC will submit their Nelson-Denny Test results.

f.  Submit unofficial college transcripts.  If accepted, officer must then provide official transcripts of their Undergraduate, Master, and any Higher Degrees.

g.  Supervisor assessment and recommendation.  This form is available from the SAMS webpage.  Applicants will receive the link for this site once their registration is complete.  Supervisor’s send a completed assessment with recommendation to the School’s enterprise email address listed in paragraph 10, NLT 20 October 2017.  The first Colonel level supervisor for a field applicant must digitally sign the supervisor assessment with recommendation.  The individual who provides the applicant’s supervisor assessment and recommendation will receive selection results from SAMS.  This leader has the responsibility to notify applicants.  SAMS will post the list of selected applicants on the webpage and in Muir Hall room 144, NLT 13 December 2017.

h.  AMSP entrance exam:  All applicants are required to take the entrance exam.  The SAMS administrative staff will notify applicants three duty days prior to the individual’s scheduled test date.

i.  Interviews:  Applicants residing at FT. Leavenworth interview in person.  All other applicants will interview telephonically or by VTC.

11.  Administrative Staff POCS at SAMS are Mrs. Anna White, SAMS Secretary (DSN 585-3300 or Commercial 913 758-3300) or Mrs. Candace Hamm, SAMS Office Manager (DSN 585-3302 or Commercial 913 758-3302).