MILPER Number: 17-237





Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) AMEDD Strategic Billets (SB) Nominations




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1.  This message will expire no later than 30 November 2017.

2.  The Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Strategic Billet (SB) is defined as a duty assignment at the Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) or Colonel (COL) rank requiring specific, highly developed skills and experience that is deemed so critical to a unit’s mission that an individual is nominated for an assignment and selected by The Surgeon General (TSG).  Health Services Division (HSD), Human Resources Command (HRC) will evaluate nominations in developing SB slates, which will be reviewed and discussed by TSG led AMEDD General Officer Steering Committee (GOSC) on 21 November 2017.  Final candidate selection is approved by The Surgeon General/Commander, MEDCOM.
a.  Selection is based on:
(1) Demonstrated potential to serve in positions of greater responsibility.
(2) Demonstrated leader development through experience, education, and training.
(3) Skills and experience match to the Strategic Billet requirements.
b.  A complete list of the FY18 projected SB vacancies and associated KSBs will be available at the AMEDD Talent Management milSuite on 2 August 2017 site at

c.  The projected FY18 AMEDD SB vacancies are expected to be filled during the summer 2018 distribution cycle of 1 April 2018 through 30 September 2018. The projected SBs positions and date available are subject to change.
d.  For the purpose of continuity in these critical positions, SB assignments are typically two years in duration, unless the priority of mission changes.

3.  Eligibility:  Officers must meet the criteria below to be considered.  Refer to the respective SB KSBs for required and preferred criteria.

a.  The KSBs for each respective SB can be found at the talent management milSuite site at  All self-nominations will be evaluated using the KSBs.

b.  All candidates for SBs must be Command and General Staff College (CGSC) or Intermediate Level Education (ILE) graduates.  Many SBs prefer or require Senior Service College (SSC) or are intended as a follow-on utilization subsequent to SSC graduation or successful completion of command.

c.  Officers must be available for worldwide assignment and have no approved voluntary retirement or mandatory retirement less than 30 months from the date the officer would assume the SB.

d.  Officers must not be under suspension of favorable personnel actions.

e.  Officers must be PCS eligible, as defined by having approximately 24 months time on station prior to 1 April 2018 or eligible for reassignment at no cost to the government (i.e., able to move within same geographical location).

4.  Nominations:

a.  AMEDD eligible officers can self-nominate for consideration to fill a projected SB vacancy from 2 August 2017 and ending 31 August 2017 by sending an email to HRC, Health Services Division at

b.  Self-nominations must include the desired SB(s) and a summary of the officer’s KSBs not otherwise normally associated with the duty title listed on the Officer Record Brief.
c.  Self-nomination deadline submission to is 31 August 2017.

5.  Officers selected for a SB will be notified by HRC approximately four (4) months prior to the anticipated report date.

6.  Points of Contact:

a.  For SB KSBs or policy questions, contact  COL Constance Jenkins at (703) 681-6799 or COL Lisa Toven at (703) 681-1094, OTSG Talent Management Directorate.

b.  For selection status or subsequent assignment instructions and associated information, contact COL Kimberlie Biever at (502) 613-6582