MILPER Number: 17-235





2017 Grateful Nation Award Nominations




1.  This message will expire on 30 Nov 17.

2.  The Department of the Army is accepting nominations for the 2017 Grateful Nation Award on behalf of the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs (JINSA).  This award recognizes one member from each of the five branches of the Armed Services of the United States and one from the United States Special Operations Command for distinguishing himself or herself by exceptional service in the performance of duties that contribute to our national security.  JINSA will make the final selection.

3.  Nominees for the award should be in the grades of E-8 and below or O-4 and below, to include warrant officers currently serving in any of the Army components to include Active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve Units.  JINSA will present the awards onstage during their Annual Awards Dinner to be held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Washington, DC on 1 Nov 17.  JINSA will underwrite the costs of each recipient and spouse, parents, or special guest to include airfare and two nights in the hotel.

4.  Nominees should have distinguished themselves by exceptional service in the performance of duties that contribute to our national security.  The nominee selected may be asked to make brief remarks at the award presentation ceremony regarding his or her duties and unit operations.  Recommenders will ensure that nominees present a fit and professional appearance and have no unfavorable personnel actions pending or actions pending under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

5.  Each Command is invited to submit packet(s) for all deserving Soldiers regardless of religious affiliation.  Each packet must include the following:

a.  Endorsement from the first colonel/O-6 commander in the nominee’s chain of command.

b.  Updated copy of the nominee’s Enlisted Record Brief or Officer Record Brief.

c.  Biographical sketch.  Required template is available at

d.  Narrative:  Limited to one single spaced, typewritten page with 1-inch margins.  The narrative should state facts and clearly outline specific accomplishments that support the award criteria for exceptional service in the performance of duties that contribute to our national security.

6.  Nominations will be submitted by the first colonel/O-6 level commander in the nominee’s chain directly to this headquarters no later than 22 Aug 17.  Nomination packets will be submitted electronically to the Awards and Decorations Branch at:  Late submissions will not be accepted.

7.  The dissemination of information about the 2017 JINSA Grateful Nation Award is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement of JINSA by the Department of the Army.

8.  For clarification or questions regarding the action, contact the Awards and Decorations Branch, AHRC-PDP-A, at 502-613-9126 (commercial), 983-9126 (DSN), or by e-mail at