MILPER Number: 17-233









A.  Reference AR 350-51, (Officer Candidate School), 11 June 2001.

1.  Expiration date of this message is 25 July 2018.

2.  The below Soldiers have been selected for OCS.  Soldiers with an asterisk (*) by their name see paragraph 3.


Alagulyan, VaheSPC13B
Amare, HulubanteSGT36B
Amparan, AnySPC15T
Aniano, NicholasSPC25S
Asfahani, Khaled I.SPC92Y
Audirac-Uribe, AdrianSGT25S
Balde, Amadon B.SPC31B
Balint, Adam R.SPC42A
Barr, James G. JrSGT68W
Bartholomew, Melanie N.SPC68K
Bastian (Flowers), Gwendolyn R.SPC42A
Bonnick, Shameen L.SGT92A
Bruneau, Glenn E.SSG14T
Brust, Justin I.SGT92A
Cantwell, Christopher C.SGT11B
Carothers, Joseph J. *SSG89D
Carter, Tyshaun L. SrSSG91B
Ceballos-Ceballos, Luis D.SGT31B
Channell, Andrew R.SPC35F
Chendjou, Bienvenue W. SPC92G
Coleman, Anteigra M. * SPC92F
Contreras, Alejandro SPC35P
Cooper, Autumn R. SPC25B
Davis, Coleton H. SPC11B
Deleon, Melanie E. *SPC35F
Denyo, IsaacSPC92G
Door, Daniel M.SGT11B
Dupree, Charleston G.SPC42A
Dupree, Jeffrey W.SGT92Y
Edwards, Rayneiqua C. *SGT68R
Fennell (Belizaire), Danielle R.SPC25M
Gallaga, Gabriella M. *SPC42A
Galvez, Victor J. *SGT68K
Gamble, Kevin F. II *SPC31B
Gamez, Briseida *SGT42A
Garces-Ortega, Jesus G.SPC13B
Gauntlette, Sanjay S.SGT68C
Giles-Green, Antonesia A.SSG92R
Gillium, Joshua A. *SGT68X
Graham, Brandon C.SPC31B
Grey, Joshua D.SGT35F
Hinzman, Mark W.SGT25U
Horton, Clint W. *SGT92F
Hyde, Shaun S.SPC31B
Islam, SamiulSPC15G
Ismailov, Alisher *SPC92A
Jackson, Karisa M.SPC42A
Jacobs, Scott A.SPC68W
Jefferson, Cardero M.SGT42A
Jensen, Samuel L.SSG35P
John, Kevin R. *SPC25B
Johnson, Edward O.SPC42A
Kibet, Elkanah K. *SGT36B
Kim, Ju W.SPC68W
Koby, Kyle M.SGT56M
Langat, KiprotichSPC68D
Lin, AlvinSGT13B
Linton, Wesley M.SGT29E
Lozano-Rivera, Marcos L.SPC42A
Maloney, Martin G. *SGT37F
Marshall, Vernon D. JrSPC15Q
Maziol, Daniel J. *SPC35M
McFarlane, CandiceSPC68W
Milillo (Sisson), Megan N. *SSG38B
Miller, Joshua A.SPC42A
Montalvo-Montano, Manuel D.SSG88M
Moongarland, Paden W. *SPC92A
Moreno, Daniel *SPC25B
Nickell, Lindsey L.L. *SPC42A
Null, Cameron C.SPC35P
Odutola, Kayode E.SPC68J
Oppelt, Kevin L.SGT25B
Padilla, Cristian P. *SGT27D
Park, James *SPC11B
Patrick, Kwame D.SPC25B
Patterson, Michael A.SGT13B
Pecht, Matthew J. *SPC11B
Pfeiffer, Andrew R.SPC25S
Phalen, Drew J. *SPC31B
Philogene, Roodly *SGT92Y
Pichon, Maris M. IIISPC15T
Powell, Tillesia M.SGT91F
Quintero (Mobley), Sara A.SSG92A
Ramirez, ChristopherSGT15D
Ray, Kevin R.SPC89D
Razzhivin, Artem V.SGT92F
Rhee, JamesSPC68W
Richardson, Mark C.SPC11B
Roberge, Joshua W.SGT92F
Rotich, Winnie C.SPC42A
Sadker, Jeffrey M. *SGT31B
Santiago, Randy A.SPC36B
Sarychev, Evgeny *SSG38B
Sasore, Aba *SSG35F
Scarborough, Jason P.SGT68W
Schuld, Dustin M.SGT92G
Shrungarkar, Kunal K. *SPC68W
Shugart, William C.SGT35F
Sidor, Christopher D.SPC13D
Siggers, Cadarious A.SGT42A
Smalls, Sidney L. IIISSG35F
Smith, Christopher W.SGT92L
Smith, Courtney O. *SGT68L
Smith, Phillip J.SSG31B
Smith, Phillip M. IISPC25B
Stecroix, Nathan K.SPC35M
Storie, Logan W. *SGT11B
Sun, Chuanchuan *SSG38B
Taitano, Jaelene M.J.SPC68A
Torres-Vazquez, Jaime R.SPC35S
Tuopaeh (Weston), Kimberly L.SGT92G
Urban, Brandon J.SGT42A
Urtz, Joshua M.SSG68W
Wagner, Vincent H.SGT11B
Webster, JevaughnSGT42A
Wilson, Ricquea M.SGT29E
Wormuth, Matthew J. *SSG13M


Adam, Jean R.SSG 92A
Aigle, Keyon A.SSG38B
Akhmedov, Murodillo N.SSG88N
Ba, Gaoussou *SGT38B
Bean, William O. *SSG35P
Bloom, Kevin J.SGT74D
Choi, Andrea *SFC91X
Cleveland, Amy C.SSG38B
Crespo-Llamas, Pierre A.SGT68W
Delay, Lucas A.SSG37F
Devries, Jonathan M. *SSG42A
Dukarm, Katherine M. *SGT38B
Enea, Joseph J.SGT38B
Flatley, Joshua A. *SPC12M
Galvan, AlfredoSGT36B
Gardner, Darren S. *SGT94F
Gonzalez, DianaSPC68M
Gonzalez (Vargas-Rodriguez), TaniaSGT31E
Grady, Donna R. *SPC36B
Green, Timothy R.SPC68W
Hall, Brandon B. *SGT35G
Henderson, Nathan S.SPC92W
Huxable, Paola R. *SGT25B
Jean-Gilles, Andrea M. *SGT37F
Jones, Garrett *SPC25S
Kopanic, Erika E.SSG25B
Kuehl, Conner J.SGT88H
Laster, Clarence E.SGT92F
Laurel, Jennifer *SGT42A
Lawal, Sadiq Y.SPC35F
Lekim, Kenneth S. *SPC68M
McDaniel, James Z. *SSG27D
Mckinley, Dale B.SPC25U
Montano, Anthony E. *SPC94F
Montano-Estrada, Erick J. *SSG12N
Morley, Joshua M.SFC91X
Mozisek, John E. *SGT15N
Murphyliger, John M.SSG37F
Naranjo, Jacquelyn A.SGT38B
Nelson, Michael L. *SSG68E
Nuss, David *SGT35F
Palacious, Charles R.SGT36B
Parsons, Matthew S. *SPC25U
Patts, John E. *SPC74D
Riley, Ethan D. *SPC42a
Robinson, Teknesha M.SSG12T
Samuelson, Gabriel J.SGT42R
Sealey, Kevin A.SSG27D
Simmons, Daniel L.SPC36B
Summerhill, Kyle P.SPC35F
Surmick, Keith J. *SGT74D
Vilme, MackenzieSPC12B
Winter, Mark W.SPC74D

Note:  All in-service Soldiers, regardless of component, must report to OCS with a Commander’s Clearance memo.  A sample memo may be requested from the OCS program office contacts in paragraph 12 of this message.  Soldiers reporting without a Commander’s Clearance memo, may not begin the program of instruction.  Soldiers reporting from basic training and enlisted under the O9S enlistment option are exempt from this requirement if reporting directly from basic combat training (BCT).

3.  Soldiers with an asterisk by their name have not yet been medically cleared or are deployed and have not yet supplied a physical to determine medical eligibility.  Soldiers with an asterisk will not be enrolled in OCS until they are medically cleared by the HRC Surgeon’s office.

4.  Selected AC Soldiers will be enrolled in OCS on a priority basis as noted below:

a.  First priority are AC Soldiers that will, or have the potential to, exceed 10 years active federal service (AFS) prior to graduation.  AC Soldiers attending OCS that will exceed 10 years AFS prior to graduation may not be appointed as officers.

b.  Second priority are in-Service Soldiers, regardless of component, that have an approved age ETP or have the potential to exceed 34 years of age (34th birthday) prior to graduation.  Soldiers that will exceed 34 years of age prior to graduation must have an exception to policy approved by HRC in their possession when reporting to OCS.  In-Service Soldiers that do not have an approved age exception to policy from HRC will be returned to their unit.

c.  Third priority are Soldiers assigned to OCONUS installations and have an estimated DEROS within 6 months or have an ETS within 12 months of the release of this message.  These Soldiers must have an approved Foreign Service Tour Extension or ETS extension/reenlistment granted by the appropriate authority.

d.  All other AC Soldiers will be enrolled in OCS when seats are available.

e.  All Soldiers and S-1 personnel are reminded that the HRC OCS program does not have seats in every OCS class.  Some classes may be non-conduct classes.  AC Soldiers that report to a class that is not conducted as noted in ATRRS may be placed in holdover status until the next class meets, at the discretion of the OCS Battalion Commander.  HRC OCS program personnel are not always notified of non-conduct classes ahead of time; however, in the event a class must be canceled and HRC is aware of the cancellation, HRC OCS personnel will make every attempt to notify the Soldier and his/her chain of command.

5.  AC Soldiers selected for OCS will receive their Army basic branch in week 8 of OCS training.  Branching at OCS is based on performance and class standing in week 8 as well as any special talents or skills/certifications held.

6.  AC Soldiers will travel to OCS in TDY and return status.  HRC will schedule OCS (AC only) but does not produce the appropriate TDY and return order.  Contact your S-1 or installation MPD for guidance on orders.

7.  OCS for Reserve Component Soldiers is funded by the Soldier’s unit using TPU funds (quota source TU).  Selected Soldiers will be transferred into their new unit in the vacancy in which they were paneled and selected during the HQDA OCS selection panel.  The Soldier’s unit will enroll the medically cleared selectee in OCS using ATRRS.  If additional funding is needed the unit will request that funding through higher headquarters to USARC G-3/5/7.

8.  Information on OCS training is located on the Officer Candidate School website at:  HRC personnel are not responsible for the content found on the Ft Benning OCS website.  Soldiers will report not later than 1200 on the scheduled report date.  All items from the packing list must be in the Soldier’s possession at the time the Soldier reports to OCS.  All in-service Soldiers will report with a copy of the pre-departure interview and Commander’s Clearance memo.

9.  Soldiers attending OCS must have a secret or higher security clearance prior to arriving at OCS.  Soldiers who do not have a completed secret security clearance cannot report for OCS training.  Soldiers must notify their S-1 who will notify this office for rescheduling (AC only) to a later OCS class.  Selectees must remain eligible throughout the entire selection process up to graduation from OCS.

10.  Selected Soldiers must check their ATRRS record weekly to determine if they have been enrolled.  ATRRS record will show report, start and graduation date.  Once scheduled for OCS the report date will not be altered without strong justification.  Justified deferments can be requested by submitting a DA Form 4187 and DA Form 4187-1-R, endorsed by first two commanders in grade 03 and 05 or above with “recommend approval” checked and all supporting documentation.

11.  Packets will not be returned.  Soldiers that wish to have a copy of their complete application packet are encouraged to keep a copy.  Structured Interviews will not be provided nor will they be returned to the Soldier.

12.  POC for this message is Mr. Preetorius at DSN 312-983-6352 or 502-613-6352 or or Ms. Moore at DSN 312-983-6353 or 502-613-6353 or or email