MILPER Number: 17-218





Administrative Support To Graduate Medical Education (GME




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1.  This message will expire no later than (NLT) 1 July 2018.

2.  Purpose.  To provide administrative guidance to Army units on the selection and assignment process of Regular Army (RA) Medical Corps (MC) officers for Graduate Medical Education (GME).

3.  Joint Service GME Selection Board (JSGMESB).  The JSGMESB convenes annually on or about early December to consider RA MC Officers to attend GME.  Additional details relating to the board can be found at  The December 2017 board will select officers to begin training during the 2018 or 2019 academic year (AY), which starts 1 July 2018 and 1 July 2019, respectively.  Officers may apply for training via a web-based process managed by the Medical Education Directorate’s Graduate Medical Education Division, Office of the Surgeon General (GME Division, OTSG).

4.  Eligibility.  Applying officers should review specific program information, which may be different (e.g., rank, previous training prerequisites, etc.) and contact the respective consultant or program manager for additional information.

a.  Grade.  Officers must be in the grade of captain thru colonel as of the application deadline.  Colonels with more than three years’ Time in Grade (TIG) at the start of the GME program are not eligible to apply.  The TIG requirement for colonels may be waived via an Exception to Policy (ETP) approved before the application deadline by the Chief, Medical Corps (MC) Branch, Health Services Division (HSD), U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) (see para 5).

b.  Mandatory Removal Date (MRD).  Officers must have an MRD no earlier than five years following the anticipated completion date of the GME program.  The MRD eligibility criteria may be waived, providing the officer will complete the incurred Active Duty Obligation, via an ETP approved before the application deadline by the Chief, MC Branch, HSD, HRC (see para 5).

c.  Time on Station (TOS) (non-waivable)

(1)  Officers applying for initial residency training must serve 12 or more months TOS (CONUS and OCONUS) prior to reassignment to attend training.

(2)  Officers applying for a second residency or fellowship training must serve 24 or more months TOS (CONUS and OCONUS) prior to reassignment to attend training.  An exception to policy for less than 24 months may be requested thru the officer’s chain of command to HRC.

(3)  Officers serving a short-tour overseas (12 months) must complete the full prescribed tour prior to reassignment to attend training.

(4)  In no circumstance will an officer be reassigned twice within the same fiscal year.

(5)  An officer’s TOS is computed from the month of arrival at his or her current duty assignment to the expected month of departure.

d.  Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC).  Officers must be a graduate of BOLC prior to attending fellowship or a second residency.

e.  Retirement/Separation.  Officers must not have an approved retirement or separation request.

5.  Exception to Policy (ETP):  Any ETP request must be submitted by the application deadline (31 August 2017).  ETP requests received after the application deadline will not be considered.

a.  All ETP requests must be submitted via a DA Form 4187 through the chain of command (first colonel commander) to HRC attention: Medical Corps Branch, Health Services Division, Officer Personnel Management Directorate (OPMD)..

b.  The ETP will be adjudicated within OPMD and affected officers will be notified via e-mail NLT 30 days after the GME application deadline.  Officers may proceed with interviews during ETP consideration

6.  Application.  Officers must apply to attend GME via the following webpage:

7.  Announcement of selections.  The JSGMESB is not a DA secretarial board so results are not released in the same manner as a promotion selection board or centralized school selection board.  Instead, applicants will be able to view the board results at the following webpage:  .

8.  Post-board process.

a.  The JSGMESB will select officers to attend training in a particular specialty at either a military or civilian institution.

b.  The GME Division, OTSG, will subsequently coordinate with MC Branch, HRC, to release assignment instructions.  The timeliness of publishing an assignment instruction may depend on approval of select actions; e.g., Exceptional Family Member Program, Married Army Couples Program, etc.

c.  Medical Corps Branch, HSD, HRC, will continuously monitor an officer’s reassignment eligibility prior to an officer commencing movement; e.g., flags.

9.  Report dates.

a.  The GME Division, OTSG, in coordination with MC Branch, HSD, HRC, will determine report dates for all movements based on the needs of the Army, the requirements of individual training programs, and Department of the Army reassignment policies.

b.  The GME Division, OTSG, allows only five days early reporting to training.

10.  The proponent points of contact for this message follows:

a.  MC Branch, HSD, HRC:  MAJ Rachel N. Hussain, AHRC-OPH-C at 502-613-6498 (DSN 983) or The MC Branch team line is (502) 613-6838 or DSN 312-983-6838, and the MC Branch group mailbox is

b.  GME Division, OTSG:  Ms. Linda Diehl at 703-681-8043 (DSN 761) or and Ms. Janis Jones at 703-681-4803 or