MILPER Number: 17-212





Preposition/Official Release of the FY17 Army Special Branches Senior Service College Selection Board Results




A.  AR 350-1 (Army Training and Leader Development), 19 August 2014.

B.  AR 350-100 (Officer Active Duty Service Obligations), 8 August 2007, (RAR 001, 10 August 2009).

C.  MILPER 17-003 (FY17 Army Special Branches Senior Service College Selection Board Zone Message), 6 January 2017.

1.  This message expires on 12 July 2018.

2.  This message announces the release schedule of the Fiscal Year (FY) 17 Army Special Branches Senior Service College (SSC) Selection Board results on the ETOPMIS website.

3.  The prepositioning release date is 20 July 2017 for all preposition recipients.  This information is “Close Hold” until the official release date.

4.  The official release date is 27 July 2017.

5.  Human Resources Command (HRC) will publish a list of principals, revalidated officers, and alternates in alphabetical order by functional category.  The intent of publishing alternates is to alert commands of possible alternate activation for Academic Year (AY) 2018-2019.

6.  Officers declining SSC attendance will notify their career manager in writing as soon as possible.  If an officer declines, they will no longer be eligible for SSC selection/revalidation or resident attendance.

7.  Requests for deferment are strongly discouraged.  Deferment requests will only be considered for officers in these categories:  Officers in CSL/Key billets; officers in specific joint assignments; time on station; or officers in a deployed/deploying unit.  Commanders should support SSC attendance for their personnel whenever possible, and discourage deferment requests.

8.  A request for deferment must originate with a written request from the officer endorsed through the chain of command and forwarded to the appropriate career manager at HRC or Headquarters, Department of the Army.

9.  Invitations for the Army War College Distance Education Program (AWCDEP), Class of 2018-2020, will be extended to eligible officers via The Officer Communication Center (TOCC) message in February or March of 2018.

10.  Questions regarding selection, slating to specific school assignments, or availability for SSC should be directed to the appropriate career manager.

11.  Point of contact this headquarters is Mr. Ross S. Corbett (AHRC-OPL-L), DSN 983-6421, Commercial (502) 613-6421, email  AMEDD POC is Mr. Kawon A. Reed, Health Services Division, HRC (AHRC-OPH-POS), DSN 983-6475, commercial (502) 613-6475, email  Chaplain POC is CH (LTC) Peter O. Dissmore, Office of the Chief of Chaplains, Personnel Actions Officer (DACH-PEZ-C), DSN 260-8764, commercial (571) 256-8764, email  JAG Corps POC is Mr. Nelson J. Ponce, Legal Administrative Specialist (DAJA-PT), DSN 865-2749, commercial (703) 545-2749, email