MILPER Number: 17-211





Annual Year (AY) 18 Army Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Application Procedures




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1.  This message will expire on 12 July 2018.

2.  The purpose of this message is to solicit announcements for the AY 18 Army Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), Bethesda, Maryland. Please distribute to all commissioned officers and active duty enlisted seeking to become an active duty Army Clinical Psychologist. Command support in disseminating this message to assure timely submission of applications is appreciated. Applications that are incomplete, ineligible, or received after 1 December 2017 will be returned to the originator without action.

3.  All approved applications will be considered based on individual’s merit and supporting documentation as specified in below paragraphs.

4.  Program requirements for this five year program, resulting in a Ph.D. in Military Clinical Psychology, include required coursework (and electives), a first year paper, an optional second year master’s thesis (leading to a MS degree), clinical training in a simulation center, clinical training at practicum and clerkship sites, Ph.D. qualifying exam in year two, objective structured clinical evaluation in year three, dissertation proposal and oral examination prior to applying to internship, and doctoral dissertation in year four/five. The final year of this five year program requires the satisfactory completion of an Army internship. Enlisted and ROTC applicants selected for the Army Clinical Psychology Program will be appointed to the Regular Army as Medical Service Corps officers and will attend the AMEDD Direct Commission Course (DCC) and AMEDD Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC), as required, prior to entering into the Army Clinical Psychology Program.

5.  General guidance:

a.  Applicants in OCONUS assignments selected for this program will not have their foreign service tour curtailed to meet program report dates. This is not waiverable.

b.  Upon completion of the Army Clinical Psychology Program, officers will incur an 84 month obligation to the US Army which will be discharged after obtaining licensure as an independent licensed psychologist at the doctoral level. Internships and post-doctoral level fellowships are not credited towards satisfying this obligation.

c.  Commissioned officers, not currently in the Medical Service Corps, will be reappointed to the Medical Service Corps and have their entry grade computed IAW Department of Defense Instruction 6000.13. No entry grade credit waivers will be granted.

d.  Timeline:

(1) 1 December 2017: Application deadline to USUHS.

(2) O/A June 2018: Selected individuals report for BOLC at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.

(3) O/A August 2018: Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program begins.

6.  Prerequisites:

a.  Interested candidates should refer to the following links to review program prerequisites and application requirements and

b.  Application materials and information are available at

c.  Time on station requirements:

(1) CONUS: 2 years’ time on station (TOS) at the start date of the requested program. TOS is computed from the month of arrival to the expected month of departure. This is not waiverable.

(2) OCONUS: Applicants must complete their current tour to include any extension. OCONUS tours will not be curtailed to allow participation in the Army Clinical Psychology Program. This is not waiverable.

d.  Enlisted Soldiers must have a general technical (GT) score of 110 or higher to apply. This is not waiverable.

e.  Applicants must have less than 8 years active federal commissioned service (AFCS), less than 10 years federal enlisted service, or less than 10 years combined active federal commissioned and enlisted service at the start date of the program. This requirement is not waiverable.

f.  Current active duty officers and enlisted Soldiers must communicate with their current assignment branch at Human Resources Command (HRC) and obtain a conditional letter of release for appointment in the Medical Service Corps. See paragraph 7 for reappointment if an applicant is selected for the Army Clinical Psychology Program.

g.  Applicants must submit a USUHS application for admission online at In addition to completing the application, applicants must provide all additional application documents prescribed by USUHS at

h.  Applicants must meet physical requirements for appointment as a commissioned officer as prescribed in AR 40-501 and USAREC standards and be within the height/weight standards prescribed by AR 600-9. This includes results of current HIV, drug, and alcohol lab results at the time of appointment.

e.  Applicants with no prior commissioned service must commission prior to their 42nd birthday/at the start date of the program. This requirement is not waiverable.

7.  Upon selection for the Army Clinical Psychology Program, Army Competitive Category Officers must initiate a DA Form 4187 through their chain of command (O-6 level) to Human Resources Command requesting branch transfer and reappointment to the Medical Service Corps. The request must be forwarded via email to HRC’s Retention and Transition Branch at

8.  Upon selection for the Army Clinical Psychology Program, civilian and enlisted applicants must contact an AMEDD Healthcare Recruiter to complete the application process for Regular Army commission.

9.  Point of contact (POC) for more information on the USUHS program or the USUHS application process is Ms. Tricia Crum at or the Army Student Representative at