MILPER Number: 17-204





Official Release of the Fiscal Year (FY) 17, Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Intermediate Level Education (ILE) Selection Board Results




A.  AR 350-1 (Army Training and Leader Development), 19 Aug 14.

B.  AR 350-100 (Officer Active Duty Service Obligations, 8 Aug 07, (RAR 001, 10 Aug 09).

C.  MILPER 16-081 (FY17 Army Special Branches Intermediate Level Education Selection Board Zone Message), 17 Mar 16.

1.  This message expires on 11 Jul 18.

2.  This message announces the release schedule of the FY17 Army Medical Department (AMEDD) ILE Selection Board Results.

3.  The official release date is 12 Jul 17.

4.  Human Resource Command (HRC) will publish the selection list in alphabetical order.

5.  The official list and preference sheets for slating will be posted on the team website HTTPS://WWW.HRC.ARMY.MIL/OFFICER/SENIOR%20SERVICE%20COLLEGE-INTERMEDIATE%20LEVEL%20EDUCATION%20AHRC-OPH-POS.

6.  Requests for deferment are strongly discouraged.  Deferment requests will only be considered for officers in key billets.  Commanders should support ILE attendance for their personnel whenever possible, and discourage deferment requests.

7.  A request for deferment must originate with a written request from the officer, endorsed through his/her chain of command, and forwarded to the appropriate career manager at HRC.

8.  The point of contact at this headquarters is Mr. Jarvis Cullen, Health Services Division, HRC (AHRC-OPH-PR), DSN 983-6474, commercial 502-613-6474, email or Mr. Jason L. Cline, Health Services Division, HRC (AHRC-OPH-PR), DSN 983-6472, commercial 502-613-6472, email