MILPER Number: 17-188





Amendment to MILPER Message Number 17-137, Fiscal Year 2018 Colonel AMEDD Senior Nominative (SN) – Command Selection Panel




A.  AR 614-100 (Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers), 10 January 2006.

B.  DA Memo 600-2 (Policies and Procedures for Active Duty List Officer Selection Boards), 25 September 2006.

C.  DA Pam 600-4 (Army Medical Department Officer Development and Career Management), 27 June 2007.

D.  AR 608-75 (Exceptional Family Member Program), 22 November 2006 (RAR 24 February 2011).

E.  AMEDD Senior Nominative Command Policy, 9 January 2017.

F.  AR 600-8-2 (Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flag)), 11 May 2016.

G.  AR 600-8-29 (Officer Promotions), 25 February 2005.

1.  This message will expire no later than (NLT) 25 June 2018.

2.  ADD Paragraph 8:  The Surgeon General approved all FY16 colonel AMEDD Centralized Selection List (CSL) commanders to compete for the FY18 colonel AMEDD Senior Nominative command.

3.  ADD Paragraph 9: General Information

a.  All Officers who have opted-in for the Senior Nominative Command Panel may, if desired, submit correspondence to the President of the Panel.

b.  Individual memorandum should include only those matters deemed important in the consideration of an officer’s record.  Memoranda should be addressed to President, AMEDD FY18 Senior Nominative – Command Panel, ATTN: AHRC-OPH, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Fort Knox, KY  40122.  Memorandum may be scanned and emailed to:  Memorandum must arrive prior to 25 June 2017 in order to be considered.

c.  Any memorandum considered by the Senior Nominative panel will become a matter of record for that panel and will be retained in the panel files.  Memorandum to the panel (including enclosures) will not be filed in an officer’s AMHRR.  Do not send this document to IPERMS.

d.  Communications or memoranda of recommendation from other parties on behalf of officers eligible for consideration will not be provided to the panel unless forwarded as an enclosure to a memorandum to the panel from the officer being considered.  Officers desiring to write to the President of a panel should refer to AR 600-8-29, paragraph 1-33, for guidance.

e.  Unprocessed copies of OERs, resident AERs or evaluation appeals that have not yet been adjudicated through the Evaluations Branch Human Resources Command should not be sent as enclosures.

4.  Career branch points of contact for SN command can be found at the following links:

AN Branch:

MC Branch:

MS Branch:

SP Branch:

VC Branch:

AMEDD Command Management points of contact for the FY18 AMEDD SN command selection panel are Mr. Chuck Vagasky, DSN 983-6580, commercial (502) 613-6580 and Mr. David Skirvin, DSN 983-6622, commercial (502) 613-6622, or email at