MILPER Number: 17-183





Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2) Army Board Requirements for the Cohort 5 2018 Matriculating Class




A.  Army Directive 2014-11, subject:  Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program, 14 May 14.

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1.  This MILPER message is effective immediately and will expire 31 Mar 18.

2.  This message provides general information, eligibility, application requirements, and waivers for the Army’s selection to the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2).

3.  The EMDP2 is a post-baccalaureate 2-year resident training program for select, qualified Regular Army (RA) enlisted Soldiers to complete additional coursework necessary to prepare for the medical college admission test (MCAT), and to meet the course prerequisites for medical school admission.  The Army has partnered with the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS), located in Bethesda, Maryland, to provide this opportunity for select, qualified, RA enlisted Soldiers to remain on active duty while completing the coursework necessary to apply for admission to the USUHS School of Medicine and other civilian medical schools via the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP).  Soldiers will continue to serve in their current enlisted grade while attending EMDP2.

4.  Soldiers must agree to and qualify for reenlistment or extension for a period of 54 months at the start of EMDP2, or must have enough time to serve the 36 months of service remaining requirement (SRR) after completion of the program.

5.  Upon completion of EMDP2, selected Soldiers must agree they will apply to the USUHS School of Medicine, in accordance with USUHS application policies and procedures.  In conjunction with their USUHS application, Soldiers may also concurrently apply for HPSP to attend an accredited medical school in the United States or Puerto Rico.  Application procedures for HPSP are contained within AR 601-141, para 2-7.  Soldiers accepted into either the USUHS School of Medicine or HPSP will request discharge in accordance with AR 635-200, para 16-2.

6.  Soldiers who complete EMDP2 and who are subsequently appointed as commissioned officers to attend medical school (USUHS or HPSP) will serve the 36 month EMDP2 SRR and consecutive active duty service obligation (ADSO) incurred for attending medical school.  Soldiers who do not complete EMDP2 or who complete, but fail to gain admission to medical school, will serve their EMDP2 SRR in their enlisted status per the needs of the Army.

7.  The following paragraphs detail eligibility criteria and are in addition to the criteria contained within AR 601-280, chapter 4, and AR 614-200, para 4-6.

a.  Any RA enlisted Soldiers, regardless of military occupational specialty (MOS), may apply for EMDP2.

b.  Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline at the time of application from an accredited academic institution in the U.S.  The degree or supplemental classes to meet eligibility criteria must include one year of college algebra or higher level math, and one year of college English.  Acceptable classes to meet the English class requirement include but are not limited to English composition, writing-intensive humanities, social science, or psychology.  CLEP is authorized for the math requirement.

c.  Applicants must have a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.20 on a 4.00 scale (from all colleges and universities attended).  The GPA requirement is non-waiverable.

d.  Soldiers must meet the eligibility criteria for appointment as a commissioned officer as prescribed by AR 601-100, AR 135-100, and AR 135-101.

e.  Soldiers must have between 3 and 10 years of active federal service on 1 Jul 18.  The 3-year time-in-service requirement is non-waiverable.  The 10-year time-in-service requirement is waiverable.  Waivers must be submitted as part of a complete packet through the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) EMDP2 Board Officer to Army Medical Command Corps Specific Branch Proponent Office (CSBPO) for the Medical Corps.

f.  Soldiers are ineligible to apply if they are currently scheduled for or attending MOS training resulting from an approved reclassification or reenlistment contract.

g.  Applicant must be medically qualified for appointment as a commissioned officer in accordance with AR 40-501, chapter 2 and DoDI 6130.03.  Physicals that do meet eligibility to commission may be processed for a waiver through the USAREC EMDP2 Board Officer for deliberation by the USAREC Command Surgeon.

h.  Soldiers must not be older than age 31 by 1 Jul 18.  Waivers are considered on an individual basis submitted as part of a complete packet through the USAREC EMDP2 Board Officer to the Chief of Medical Readiness, OTSG.

i.  Must be a U.S.  citizen in accordance with AR 601-100.

j.  Must have a secret security clearance, or at a minimum a favorable adjudication of a Tier 5 investigation, formally known as a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI).  Soldiers without favorable adjudication of a Tier 5 investigation are not eligible to apply.

k.  Have a minimum score of 600 in all categories of the SAT, or 28 on the ACT, with the exam taken within the last 3 years (36 months) from the time of the board.  Minimum exam score criteria is non-waiverable.  The optional writing sample as a part of either exam is not necessary.  Applicants must send the official SAT score through The College Board using DI Code 3994, and the official ACT score through The ACT College Report using the College Code 4107.

8.  Application process:  Soldiers must submit a complete hard copy application packet, to include the request for waivers, postmarked no later than 20 Oct 17 to the following address:  Commander, USAREC (RCHS-AN), ATTN:  USAREC EMDP2 Board Officer, 1307 Third Avenue, Fort Knox, KY  40121-2725.  Applications will include the following documents:

a.  DA Form 4187 Personnel Action:  typed, digitally signed by both applicant and applicant’s Battalion Commander dated within 90 days of application deadline of 20 Oct 17.  Remarks section must include:

(1) Current height and weight IAW AR 600-9, include body fat content worksheet results if applicable.

(2) APFT results (pass or fail) and date after 1 Apr 17.

(3) “I understand that after successful completion of an ASI producing course or additional MOS producing training with a service requirement, I must complete that requirement prior to the EMDP2 report date”.  Soldier will initial end of statement.

(4) Soldier is in compliance with AR 670-1 tattoo standards.

(5) EMDP2 packet has been reviewed and verified for completeness.

b.  S1/Human Resources eligibility statement:  this is a statement signed by a personnel official, whether S1/Human Resources OIC or NCOIC at least E-6 or above and of greater rank than the applicant, verifying applicant’s eligibility to participate in the EMDP2.  The statement will verify:

(1) Local records check has been completed and the above named applicant is administratively qualified for appointment as a commissioned officer IAW AR 601-100.

(2) The above named applicant does not have any pending or current UCMJ actions, bar to re-enlistment, or flagging actions.

(3) Applicant is not currently on permanent change of station orders or pending reassignment.

(4) This application is not in contravention of AR 600-8-2.

c.  OMPF Records:  applicants in the rank of SGT or above must submit certified true copies of all Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs) DA Form 2166-8.  Evaluations must be posted in the Soldier’s Army Military Human Resources Record (AMHRR).  Applicant must submit certified true copes of all DA Form 1059s, awards and prior service records to include DD 214 and/or NGB 22 from all branches of service or breaks in service from the Army.

d.  Certifications:  Soldier will submit all active professional medical certifications with certificates (BLS, ACLS, etc.).

e.  Official transcripts:  must provide “official transcripts” for all undergraduate and graduate courses for inclusion in application packet.  Transcripts must be in the original sealed envelope or an official email (for example eSCRIP or Parchment) sent from the institution.  Ensure name changes are noted via memorandum or marriage certificate if transcripts are in former names.  Transcripts in languages other than English must be translated prior to submission.  If the cumulative GPA is not listed on the transcript, a memorandum from the college stating the cumulative GPA is required.

f.  Letters of Recommendation (LOR):  one LOR from applicant’s Battalion Commander and one LOR from either a military or civilian source are required.  A clinician (military or civilian) recommendation is highly encouraged, but not mandatory.  Each LOR must not exceed 2 pages.  Maximum of five (5) LORs per application.

g.  Letter of purpose and intent:  applicant will prepare a single page, single spaced, typed, dated and signed letter explaining the Soldier’s motivation for seeking enrollment into the EMDP2 and what their expectations are upon completion of training.

h.  Enlisted Record Brief (ERB):  must submit an ERB dated within 6 months of the application deadline.  Service member must review the document and ensure accuracy, paying close attention to awards, decorations, dependent/marital status, and education level.  Must be certified by S1/Human Resources as a true copy and signed by the applicant verifying accuracy and completeness.

i.  Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) scorecard:  DA Form 705 Record APFT must be after 1 Apr 17, signed and verified “true copy” by the Soldier’s Commander or First Sergeant.

j.  Body Fat Content Worksheet, DA Form 5500/5501, if applicable, will accompany either the DA 705 or the commissioning physical.

k.  Security clearance:  security clearance memo dated after 19 Oct 16 from a security officer verifying that the applicant currently holds a security clearance, secret or higher.  If applicant does not currently hold a security clearance, the applicant must submit a memo stating that the Soldier obtained a favorable Tier 5 investigation making the Soldier eligible to receive a secret clearance.

l.  Commissioning physical:  include the DD Form 2808 Report of Medical Examination, DD form 2807-1 Report of Medical History, lab results, HIV test, and drug and alcohol test (DAT).  Must have been completed within a year of the submission deadline.  The reviewing medical authority must indicate the applicant meets/does not meet medical standards for qualification for appointment as a commissioned officer IAW AR 40-501 chapter 2.  Applicants with temporary or P3 profiles are ineligible to apply.  Applicants requiring consideration for a waiver must contact the USAREC EMDP2 Board Officer to initiate the waiver process.

m.  Conditional letter of release from the applicant’s career management branch.

n.  DA photo is required, uniform is the Army Service Uniform (ASU).  Junior enlisted may require command assistance in obtaining the photo as a requirement for the EMDP2 application.  Deployed Soldiers may provide a black and white photo in the Army Combat Uniform/Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform with the packet.  Photos of deployed Soldiers must be signed by either the Soldier’s 1SG or Commanding Officer.

o.  DA Form 61 Application for Appointment:  To the best of the applicant’s ability, complete items 1, 7, 8, 9a, 9b, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (add your enterprise email address along with military address), 18, 19, 20a-c, 21a-e, 22, 23a, 24, 25, 26, 27a-g, 28a-e, 30, 31a-e, 32, 33, 38 and 41 (as applicable).  Sign item 42.  Page 4 is not applicable for the EMDP2 application and is not required.

9.  EMDP2 application packets must be complete at HQ, USAREC and postmarked no later than 20 Oct 2017 or the packet will not be processed for submission to the board.  Applications will not be returned to the originator.  Do not staple or bind application documents.  Do not place in binders or cover sheets.  Place all documents regardless of sequence above or on the EMDP2 application checklist in a 2-pocket folder.  Application documents will be rearranged upon arrival at HQ, USAREC.

10.  Program guidelines, checklist and FAQ can be found at

11.  Notification of selectees will occur via a MILPER message approximately 4 to 6 weeks following the EMDP2 selection board slated to convene early December 2017.  Report date for the Cohort 5 2018 Matriculating Class will be late July 2018 with the exact date to be determined by EMDP2 USUHS.

12.  The point of contact for this message is the USAREC EMDP2 Board Officer, MAJ Tinika Nixon, USAREC HQ Health Services Directorate, 1307 Third Ave, Fort Knox, KY  42701-2725, Comm.  502-626-0361, DSN 536-0361 or