MILPER Number: 17-182





Written Bonus Agreement (WBA) Under the Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Program for the Regular Army




A.  AR 601-280 (Army Retention Program), 1 April 2016.

B.  AR 635-200 (Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations), 19 December 2016.

C.  OSD (R&FM) policy memorandum, 6 January 2015, subject:  Request for Authority to Pay Soldiers Serving on an Indefinite Reenlistment an SRB by Means of a Written Agreement.

D.  MILPER message number 16-205, AHRC-EPF-R, (Written Bonus Agreement (WBA) Under the Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Program for the Regular Army), 26 July 2016.

1.  This MILPER message is effective on 9 June 2017 and may change after July 2017 without further notice.  Expiration date of this message is 9 June 2018.

2.  The WBA, within the SRB program is established by reference (C) to provide the Army with an agile and flexible process to incentivize Soldiers currently on indefinite term reenlistment contracts to continue serving in the Regular Army.

3.  This message authorizes an SRB to Soldiers through the execution of a WBA.  The following eligibility requirements must be met in order to request payment of an SRB under a WBA:

a.  Must be in the pay grade of E-6 or above, and currently serving on an indefinite reenlistment contract.

b.  Must be eligible for continued service in accordance with reference (A) and recommended by their immediate commander.

c.  Must elect a WBA prior to obtaining 20 years of Total Active Federal Service (TAFS) but not earlier than obtaining 19 years of TAFS.  Requests submitted after obtaining 20 years TAFS will be returned without action.

d.  SRB payments under the WBA cannot exceed 24 years TAFS.  WBA requests that exceed 24 years TAFS will be disapproved.  Subsequent requests for Soldiers previously disapproved by U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) must be resubmitted as new requests.

e.  Must agree to remain on active duty for a period of at least three years.

f.  Must be fully qualified and serving in a Career Management Field (CMF) or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) listed in paragraph 4 below.

4.  Regular Army enlisted Soldiers who meet the eligibility criteria in paragraph 3 above and the table below are eligible to request the WBA.

CMF 18E7(P) – E920$0$100,000

5.  Soldiers serving pursuant to an indefinite term reenlistment will execute a written agreement to remain on active duty for the months of additionally obligated service (AOS) as outlined in the table above.  Soldiers who received a bonus on their current reenlistment must be within 12 months of the current bonus obligated service ending date.

6.  Application procedures:

a.  Qualified Soldiers must contact their servicing Career Counselor in order to complete a WBA request.  The WBA request will be forwarded from their immediate commander through the Soldier’s first commander in the rank of Colonel (COL) or above for endorsement.  Commanders who recommend disapproval of the WBA are required to forward the request to HRC with rationale for their recommendation.  HRC (AHRC-EPF) has final approval/disapproval authority.  The WBA is an entitlement paid in a lump sum to Soldiers meeting the criteria of this message.

b.  WBA requests will only be sent forward to HRC via the case management system (CMS).  CMS cases must be referred to HRC within 30 days of the commander’s endorsement and not later than 60 days after the date of the Soldier’s request.

c.  Requests for WBA will be disapproved if the requesting Soldier does not possess an MOS listed in paragraph 4 above as their primary MOS, regardless of the date on the Soldier’s request, except as noted in paragraph 7c below.

7.  Special considerations and technical information:

a.  WBA request memorandums will be downloaded from AKO knowledge center at  Soldiers must submit their application no earlier than 365 days prior to the start of their targeted TAFS and no later than 20 years TAFS.

b.  The approval from HRC and reenlistment contract are the documents obligating the Soldier to the terms of the agreement and will be used by Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) as the authority to disperse payment of the bonus.

c.  Command Sergeants Major (CSM) who possess a secondary MOS of 18Z may be considered for a WBA in accordance with this message.

d.  Approval of the WBA term is authority to retain Soldiers beyond their retention control point, if applicable.

e.  Soldiers may not receive more than $200,000 in total bonus payments under the SRB program during a career, unless a specific exception by the office of the Under Secretary of Defense is provided.  Soldiers will not be paid more than one enlisted bonus for the same period of service.

f.  Soldiers who voluntarily or involuntarily separate prior to completing the term of service for which the WBA was paid are subject to recoupment of the unearned portion of the SRB.

g.  Soldiers selected for the rank of CSM under the centralized list process will not have their WBA recouped, as this selection is in the normal line of progression for their MOS.

8.  Soldiers with questions pertaining to bonuses and eligibility requirements addressed in this message should contact their servicing Career Counselor.  Servicing Career Counselors with questions regarding this message should contact their appropriate command retention office.  Point of contact for this message is AHRC-EPF-R,