MILPER Number: 17-180





Calendar Year 2018, The United States Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) Medical Logistics Management Internship Program (MLMIP) Training Opportunity




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1.  This message will expire on 1 Mar 18.

2.  This message provides general information, eligibility, application requirements, and waivers for the Army’s selection to the United States Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA) Medical Logistics Materiel Internship Program (MLMIP).

3.  Application packets are being accepted for the USAMMA MLMIP for the two classes that will commence in Jan 18 and Jul 18.  The deadline for submitting an application to either class is 1 Jul 17.

4.  The MLMIP is a training program that includes a six-month internship and a two-year utilization assignment.  The intent of the MLMIP is to develop and train qualified 68J/68A Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) as leader enablers throughout the Medical Logistic community.  This training provides a more enabled and knowledgeable logistician that will enhance the quality of logistics provided across the Army.

5.  The detailed eligibility requirements for submitting a packet are:

a.  Active duty and Reserve Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 68J and 68A in the ranks of Staff Sergeant, (SSG), SSG promotable, and Sergeant First Class (SFC) may apply.

b.  Applicants must have a minimum of five years’ experience in Medical Logistics or Materiel.

c.  Applicants must have no more than five years’ time in grade.

d.  Applicants must be able to meet the Service Obligation for a two year utilization tour.

e.  Applicants must have either an Associate Degree or sixty semester hours from an accredited institution toward a degree.

f.  Applicants must possess a secret or higher clearance.

g.  Time on Station (TOS) requirements (not waiverable).  CONUS applicants must have two years’ time on station as of the requested start date for MLMIP.  OCONUS applicants must complete their current tour, to include any extensions; OCONUS tours will not be curtailed to allow submission of an application.  NCOs who are identified as excess by their Army Command (ACOM), or as a result of right-sizing initiatives, may submit an application with an endorsement from their command prior to meeting the TOS requirement indicated above.  NCOs who will not require a permanent change of station move to enter training may submit an application prior to meeting the TOS requirement; however, this stipulation must be annotated on the DA Form 4187.  TOS is computed from the month of arrival to the expected month of departure.  Human Resources Command (HRC) is the final determining authority if a Soldier is eligible to attend the program.

6.  Application requirements:

a.  DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) with the following items completed:  1 thru 6, 8, 9-10 (applicant’s digital signature/date), and 11-14 (Commander’s approval/digital signature/date).  In section IV (remarks), applicant will include complete enterprise email address (typed), work and telefax numbers (OCONUS applicants please provide commercial numbers only).  Applicants must indicate which dates they would be eligible to attend (8 Jan-22 Jun 18 or 9 Jul-17 Dec 18).

b.  Height/weight/body fat standards/ Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) memo.  A memo on letterhead, signed by the company commander and dated no later than 30 days prior to packet submission, verifying the applicant’s height/weight (body fat, if required) and APFT scores.  Note:  APFT cards will not be accepted.  Official documentation must be provided for an approved P2 or P3 profile if an event was not taken or an alternate even was taken due to profile.

c.  Official college transcripts (raised seal) verifying the required education level or achievement.

d.  Official certificate of graduation from the Defense Acquisition University ACQ-101 course.

e.  Current Enlisted Record Brief (ERB).

f.  Current official photograph.  A photo, as part of the ERB, is acceptable.

g.  Security clearance memorandum from the Security Officer verifying the applicant’s classification within the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).

h.  Memorandum of recommendation.  Applicants must be personally recommended by a field grade or higher medical logistics officer, logistics warrant officer, or logistics command sergeant major or sergeant major.  The memorandum must accompany the application and will address the Soldier’s experience in the medical logistics/medical maintenance field, contributions to the Army Medical Department (AMEDD), and leadership qualities.

7.  Submission of applications:  Forward complete application and supporting documentation to CDR, USAMMA, Attn:  MCMR-MMA (internship program), 693 Neiman Street, Fort Detrick, MD  21702-5001.  Application should not be placed in a binder or folder.  Note:  Army Reserve Soldiers meeting eligibility requirements will send packets to USARC, Attn:  AARC-MDL, 4710 Knox Street, Bldg. 8-1808, Fort Bragg, NC  28310-5100.  Contact (910) 570-8094 for further submission instructions.  Do not submit packet directly to USAMMA.

8.  This information is accessible on the USAMMA web page at

9.  Questions may be directed to USAMMA’s MLMIP Program Manager, DSN 343-7477 or com (301) 619-7477, e-mail:, or Sergeant Major Tom Vatcher at DSN 343-4218 or com (301) 619-4218, email: