MILPER Number: 17-179





Amendment to MILPER Message 17-113 Calendar Year (CY) 2018 United States Army Reserve (USAR) Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) and Troop Program Unit (TPU) Command Selection Board Announcement




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Q.  Memorandum, OCAR, DAAR-HR, 09 Sep 15, subject:  Policy for Declination, Deferment, Curtailment, and Extension of Colonel (COL) and Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Command Assignment.

R.  MILPER Message Number 17-113, AHRC-OPM-C, 29 Mar 17, subject:  (Calendar Year (CY) 2018 United States Army Reserve (USAR) Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) and Troop Program Unit (TPU) Command Selection Board Announcement).

1.  This MILPER message will expire NLT 01 Jun 18.

2.  MILPER Message 17-113 Calendar Year (CY) 2018 United States Army Reserve (USAR) Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) and Troop Program Unit (TPU) Command Selection Board Announcement is amended as follows:

a.  Paragraph 2 is amended as follows:  An HQDA selection board will convene on or about 12 Jul 17 to consider eligible USAR LTCs and promotable Majors (MAJ) for assignment to CY18 USAR LTC command positions other than Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) and Judge Advocate General (JA) command positions.

b.  Paragraph 7 is amended as follows:  LTCs, MAJs (promotable), and MAJs considered for promotion by the FY17 LTC Army Promotion List (APL) and the FY17 LTC Army Medical Department (AMEDD) promotion selection boards who meet the eligibility criteria listed in paragraph 7.a. through 7.d. are eligible to apply.

c.  Paragraph 8.b.  is changed to read as follows:

8.b.  Military Education (MILED) requirement must be completed NLT the day prior to the board convene date.  Evidence that officers have completed the required military education is the DA Form 1059, AER, or a Constructive Credit memorandum, and must be in the MBF.  Officers can meet the MILED requirement in one of five ways.

(1) Fifty percent completion of the legacy Command and General Staff Officer Course.

(2) Currently enrolled, or completed, the resident (10 month) Intermediate Level Education (ILE) course at the US Army Command and General Staff College or sister service equivalent as defined in AR 350-1

(3) Currently enrolled or completion of the 14 week resident ILE Common Course (ILE-CC) course.

(4) Completion of non-resident ILE-CC.

(5) Approved MILED constructive credit by the DA DCS, G-3/5/7.

d.  Paragraph 8.d is added as follows:  All sister service non-resident military education completion requires the granting of Constructive Credit by DA DCS G-3/5/7 in order to meet the MILED requirements for this board.

e.  Paragraph 9.a.  is amended as follows:  The application period for this board is 13 Apr 17 through 14 May 17.  The application window will re-open 12 Jun 17 through 30 Jun 17.  This is a voluntary application driven opt-in board meaning eligible officers must apply in order to be considered.  All eligible officers, in accordance with paragraph 7, who did not opt-in during the original application window can opt in during the re-opening of the application.  Changes to the application can be made multiple times up until the window closes.

3.  Points of contact for this message are:

a.  HRC USAR Command Program Manager, (AHRC-OPM-C), LTC Maria I.  Emery, 502-613-6162 DSN 983-6162, email:

b.  POC for board consideration file/eligibility questions/ application:

(1) AGR officers should contact the applicable assignment officer, (AHRC-ROD):

(2) TPU officers should contact the applicable career manager, (DAAR-CD):

(3) IMA and IRR officers should contact the HRC IRR/IMA Management Team, (AHRC-ROD-I):

(4) AMEDD officers (all AMEDD branches) should contact the AMEDD Officer Reserve Management Branch, (AHRC-OPH-R), at (502) 613-6525, DSN:  983-6525, email:

(5) Judge Advocate General (JA) officers should contact the Office of the Judge Advocate General, Commercial (703) 545-2881.

c.  POC for OER procedural matters, Evaluations Branch – Policy, (AHRC-PDV-EP), DSN 983-9019, Commercial (502) 613-9019, email:

d.  POC for AMHRR/IPERMS is the Army Soldier Records Branch, (AHRC-PDR-R):  Commercial (502) 613-9990, press 2, DSN 983-9990, press 2 or e-mail:  Do not send AMHRR update documents to this email; follow the procedures in paragraph 10 above.  For additional information refer to the following website: