MILPER Number: 17-178





Stabilization for Soldiers – High School Seniors




A.  Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI), (Defense Courier Operations) 5200.33, 30 June 2011.

B.  AR 614-100 (Officer Assignment, Policies, Details, and Transfers), 10 January 2006.

C.  AR 600-8-11 (Reassignment), 1 May 2007 (RAR 001, 18 October 2012).

D.  MILPER Memorandum 95-1, subject:  Processing Request for Deletion, Deferment, and Early Arrivals.

E.  MILPER Message 01-135, subject:  Stabilization for Soldiers – High School Seniors.

F.  MILPER Message 03-158, subject:  Stabilization for Soldiers – High School Seniors.

1.  This message updates and clarifies the procedures in MILPER message 01-135 and MILPER message 03-158.  This MILPER will expire 30 April 2018.  The contents of this message will not expire upon the expiration of the message unless contrary to controlling law or regulation.  The procedures will be published in an Army document or the message will be reissued.

2.  Applicability.

a.  These procedures apply to Active Army Personnel and Army Reserve AGR personnel to include Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Officers.  Special branch Officers (SLD, JAG and Chaplain) will be managed by their proponent.  Disapproval authority for Special Branch Officers will remain with their special branch.  Disapproval authority for AMEDD Officers will remain with the Director, AHRC-OPMD.

b.  Army personnel assigned to non-Army agencies or units must comply with all directives and regulations that apply to their command before submitting a request (e.g.  Officers assigned to the Defense Courier Service (DCS) must comply with DoDI 5200.33).

3.  Intent.  This is an Officer-initiated action intended to stabilize the family member during the senior year of high school.  The stabilization does not apply to the Officer.  The Officer may be required to travel on temporary duty or temporary change of station away from home station to participate in combat, operational deployments, training exercises, or for personnel management and professional development reasons.  This includes dependent-restricted or “all others” one year tour assignments.  Officers are still eligible for reassignment before the start of the student’s junior year.

4.  Procedures.

a.  Officers will apply no earlier than March 1st of the student’s sophomore year and no later than the start of the student’s junior year or September 30th, whichever is later.  This application window also applies to students in year round schooling programs.  A letter of lateness (signed by the first O6 in their chain of command) is required for requests submitted after September 1st.  OPMD will carefully consider late requests on a case-by-case basis, however stabilization request will not be accepted past November 30th of the student’s junior year.


Graduation dateApply not earlier thanApply not later than
20191 Mar 201730 Sep 2017
20201 Mar 201830 Sep 2018
20211 Mar 201930 Sep 2019

(1) If student graduates in 2019, the Officer should submit request between 1 March 2017 and 30 September 2017.

(2) If student graduates in 2020, the Officer should submit request between 1 March 2018 and 30 September 2018.

(3) If student graduates in 2021, the Officer should submit request between 1 March 2019 and 30 September 2019.

b.  Officers notified of assignment instructions:

(1) If the Officer is notified of assignment during the application window (e.g.  placed on RFO or notified by email before AHRC receives the request for stabilization), the reassignment notification will take precedence and the stabilization Officer’s eligibility will be determined on a case-by case basis.

(2) Officers notified of assignment to a dependent-restricted tour may request to be placed in the Homebase Advance Assignment Program (HAAP) to return to the pervious installation upon completion of the dependent-restricted tour.

c.  Officers are still eligible to PCS before the start of the student’s junior year.

d.  Officers may apply for a basic allowance for housing (BAH) dependent education waiver per ALARACT 097_2016 (BAH, OHA, and COLA waiver guidance) if eligibility requirements are met.

e.  The student must be enrolled in Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), and must be under the direct care/custody of the Officer (e.g.  an Officer that is divorced/separated where the student resides with the spouse is not eligible for this program.  Officer will provide DEERS verification (DD Form 1172-2 application for ID Card/DEERS enrollment) verified by the local DEERS/ID Card.  Have DEERS office print and sign a copy to verify direct care.

5.  Officer stabilization procedures.

a.  Officer’s action.  Officer should initiate a DA Form 4187 requesting stabilization through their unit commander to their servicing BDE S-1/PSB/MPD.  The DA Form 4187 will include:

(1) High school student’s name (must be enrolled in DEERS).

(2) The following statement:  “The dependent is under my direct care/custody.”

(3) Letter/memo (enclosure to the DA Form 4187) on school letterhead with the projected graduation date of high school student (provide month, day, and year).

(4) OCONUS Officers who’s Date Eligible for Return from Overseas (DEROS) is prior to the requested stabilization date must include the following statement:  “Upon approval I understand that my Foreign Service Tour will be extended to meet the stabilization requirement.  Based on my new DEROS, I understand that I must still meet the required time remaining in Service requirement to be eligible for reassignment to CONUS.”

(5) Married Army Couples Program (MACP) enrolled (Yes/No).  If yes, provide spouse’s rank, full name, last four (4), Branch/MOS and DEROS (OCONUS personnel).

(6) Letter of lateness required for request received after September 30th signed by O-6 in Officer’s Chain of Command.  OPMD will carefully consider these requests on a case-by-case basis.

b.  S-1/PSB/MPD action.  Upon receipt of an Officer initiated DA Form 4187 requesting stabilization, the S-1/PSB/MPD will:

(1) Verify information requirements for DA Form 4187, IAW 5A above.

(2) Email stabilization request to:  Officer Personnel Management Directorate, Management Support Division, Policy, Procedures and Special Actions Branch, for consideration.

c.  HRC OPMD action.  OPMD will, to the maximum extent possible, approve stabilization requests.  In cases where officers have been notified of assignment to a dependent-restricted tour, to a PCS PME (e.g.  captains career course), have dependents that are home schooled, have an RFO with less than six months before report date, or have unique circumstances, OPMD will carefully consider these requests on a case-by-case basis.  These actions may be approved with a deletion of assignment or approved with the soldier continuing on assignment and returning to their current location.  If the stabilization request is approved, assignment manager will change year month availability code (YMAV) (and DEROS if applicable) via TOPMIS, dated 30 days after the high school senior’s graduation date.  To the maximum extent possible, assignment managers will make assignments to dependent restrict tours, as such that, the officer’s DEROS will be prior to dependents graduation date in order for the for the officer to witness the graduation event.

6.  Points of contact for Officer Personnel is Mr. Mark Harris, OPM-P, at DSN 983-6829, commercial (502) 613-6829, or email