MILPER Number: 17-163





Enlisted Voluntary Early Separation Program Suspension




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1.  This message will expire no later than one year from date of issue.

2.  As part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2012, Congress amended 10 USC Section 1171 (Ref J) authorizing an early discharge of Regular Army enlisted Soldiers up to 12 months under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Army without impact to any right, privilege, or benefit that a member would have had if the member had completed the enlistment or extended enlistment, except that the member is not entitled to pay and allowances for periods not served.  The Army implemented the above authority on a voluntary basis on 1 January 2014.

3.  ALARACT Message 037/2017 announced the Army’s suspension of this temporary program effective 1 June 2017.  Requests not approved by 1 June 2017 will be disapproved.  Soldiers with requests that are approved prior to 1 June 2017 will continue to out-process and separate on their adjusted expiration term of service (ETS) date.

4.  MILPER Message 17-021 is rescinded effective 1 June 2017.

5.  Point of contact for this message is the Enlisted Retirements and Separations Section (AHRC-EPF-M), (502) 613-6732 (DSN 983),