1. Applicants Name:

a. Application Date: 22 May 2016

b. Date Received: 27 May 2016

c. Counsel: None

2. REQUEST, ISSUES, BOARD TYPE, AND DECISION: The applicant requests an upgrade of his general (under honorable conditions) discharge to honorable. The applicant seeks relief contending, in effect, his discharge is inequitable because his offense was reduced in civilian court before his chapter was complete. Additionally, he provided statements from his superiors, which supported his time in the Army. He was proud to be an Army Soldier and to serve his country well.

In a personal appearance hearing conducted at Warner Robins, GA on 16 November 2016, and by a 5-0 vote, the Board denied the request upon finding the separation was both proper and equitable.

(Board member names available upon request)


a. Reason / Authority / Codes / Characterization: Misconduct, (Serious Offense) / AR 635-200 / Chapter 14-12c / JKQ / RE-3 / General (Under Honorable Conditions)

b. Date of Discharge: 30 May 2012

c. Separation Facts:

(1) Date of Notification of Intent to Separate: NIF

(2) Basis for Separation: NIF

(3) Recommended Characterization: NIF

(4) Legal Consultation Date: NIF

(5) Administrative Separation Board: NIF

(6) Separation Decision Date / Characterization: NIF / General (Under Honorable Conditions)


a. Date / Period of Enlistment: 6 October 2009 / 3 years, 21 days

b. Age at Enlistment / Education / GT Score: 19 / HS Graduate / NIF

c. Highest Grade Achieved / MOS / Total Service: E-4 / 88M10, Motor Transport Operator / 2 years, 7 months, 25 days

d. Prior Service / Characterizations: None
e. Overseas Service / Combat Service: SWA / Afghanistan (7 January 2011 to
31 December 2011)

f. Awards and Decorations: ARCOM, MUC, NDSM, ACM-2CS, GWOTSM, ASR, OSR

g. Performance Ratings: NA

h. Disciplinary Action(s) / Evidentiary Record: NIF

i. Lost Time / Mode of Return: None

j. Diagnosed PTSD / TBI / Behavioral Health: NIF

5. APPLICANT-PROVIDED EVIDENCE: DD Form 293 and a copy of his State of Florida court case summary.

6. POST SERVICE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: None submitted with his application.

7. REGULATORY CITATION(S): Army Regulation 635-200 sets forth the basic authority for the separation of enlisted personnel. Chapter 14 establishes policy and prescribes procedures for separating members for misconduct. Specific categories include minor disciplinary infractions, a pattern of misconduct, and commission of a serious offense, to include abuse of illegal drugs, convictions by civil authorities and desertion or being absent without leave. Action will be taken to separate a member for misconduct when it is clearly established that rehabilitation is impractical or unlikely to succeed. Army policy states that an under other than honorable conditions discharge is normally considered appropriate; however, a general, under honorable conditions or an honorable discharge may be granted.

Paragraph 14-12c states a Soldier is subject to action per this section for commission of a serious military or civilian offense, if the specific circumstances of the offense warrant separation and a punitive discharge is, or would be, authorized for the same or a closely related offense under the Manual for Courts-Martial.

8. DISCUSSION OF FACT(S): The applicant requests an upgrade of his general (under honorable conditions) discharge to honorable. The applicants available record of service, the issues and documents submitted with his application were carefully reviewed.

The applicants record is void of the specific facts and circumstances concerning the events which led to his discharge from the Army. Barring evidence to the contrary, the presumption of government regularity prevails as it appears that all the requirements of law and regulation were met and the rights of the applicant were fully protected throughout the separation process.

The applicant’s contentions about the charges against him being reduced prior to his discharge were carefully considered. However, there is insufficient evidence available in the official record to make a determination upon the applicant’s quality of service. Moreover, there is a presumption of regularity in the conduct of governmental affairs which is applied in all Army discharge reviews unless there is substantial credible evidence to rebut the presumption. There is no evidence in the record, nor has the applicant produced any evidence, to support a change to the characterization of service granted. The applicants statements alone do not overcome the presumption of government regularity and the application contains no documentation or further evidence in support of this request for an upgrade of the discharge.

Based on the available record, the discharge appears consistent with the procedural and substantive requirements of the regulation, was within the discretion of the separation authority and that the applicant was provided full administrative due process.

9. DOCUMENTS / TESTIMONY PRESENTED DURING PERSONAL APPEARANCE: In addition to the evidence in the record, the Board carefully considered the additional documents and testimony presented by the applicant at the personal appearance hearing.

a. The applicant submitted no additional documents or contentions.

b. Witness(es) / Observer(s): None

10. BOARD DETERMINATION: In a personal appearance hearing conducted at Warner Robins, GA on 16 November 2016, and by a 5-0 vote, the Board denied the request upon finding the separation was both proper and equitable.


a. Issue a New DD-214: No

b. Change Characterization to: No Change

c. Change Reason to: No Change

d. Change SPD / RE Code to: No Change

e. Restore (Restoration of) Grade to: NA


Presiding Officer
Army Discharge Review Board

AWOL – Absent Without Leave GD – General Discharge NCO Noncommissioned Officer SCM – Summary Court Martial
BCD – Bad Conduct Discharge HS – High School NIF – Not in File SPCM – Special Court Martial
BH Behavioral Health HD – Honorable Discharge NOS Not Otherwise Specified SPD – Separation Program Designator
CG – Company Grade Article 15 IADT – Initial Active Duty Training OAD – Ordered to Active Duty TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
CID – Criminal Investigation Division MP Military Police OMPF – Official Military Personnel File UNC – Uncharacterized Discharge
ELS Entry Level Status MST Military Sexual Trauma PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder UOTHC – Under Other Than Honorable Conditions
FG – Field Grade Article 15 NA – Not applicable RE – Reentry VA Veterans Affairs