BOARD DATE: 19 May 2016

DOCKET NUMBER: AR20160002438


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1. Board Determination/Recommendation
2. Evidence and Consideration


BOARD DATE: 19 May 2016

DOCKET NUMBER: AR20160002438


The evidence presented does not demonstrate the existence of a probable error or injustice. Therefore, the Board determined the overall merits of this case are insufficient as a basis for correction of the records of the individual concerned.


I certify that herein is recorded the true and complete record of the proceedings of the Army Board for Correction of Military Records in this case.


BOARD DATE: 19 May 2016

DOCKET NUMBER: AR20160002438


1. Application for correction of military records (with supporting documents provided, if any).

2. Military Personnel Records and advisory opinions (if any).


1. The applicant requests correction of her DAForm 5074-1-R (Record of Award of Entry Grade Credit (Health Service Officers)) to show:

* the baccalaureate portion of her Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree was recognized as her basic qualifying degree
* she was credited with 2years of constructive service credit (CSC) for advanced education beyond the basic qualifying degree
* her date of rank (DOR) to first lieutenant (1LT) was adjusted accordingly based on the corrections stated above

2. The applicant states:

a. She should have been credited with 5years of CSC, 2years for her advanced education in addition to the 3years for her professional experience she was credited with. She attended an Associate of Science in Nursing to MSN (ASN-MSN) program from 2005 to 2007. The program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Commission on Colleges, for both undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. The program is 2 and 1/2years in length and awards an MSN after successful completion of the program and extensive internship.

b. When a MSN is conferred at graduation, it is with acknowledgement that all candidates for graduation have met the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) during the program. The prerequisites for this program include a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in an allied health field, in addition to an ASN, and prior nursing experience. She satisfied this prerequisite for entry with the BS in Physiology degree she had previously earned with honors at Barry University.

c. The ASN-MSN curriculum requires a strong, equivalent undergraduate academic preparation for those entering with a non-BSN degree prior to beginning the graduate education portion of the ASN-MSN program. As stated in the attached Barry University MSN Program document. In her case, her earned BS in Physiology included additional science and research courses that exceeded those required for a BSN program. During the calculation of her CSC, her MSN degree was used as the basic qualifying degree.

d. She did not receive CSC for the baccalaureate portion of the ASN-MSN degree program, despite the fact that her undergraduate nursing preparation exceeds that of many BSN programs across the nation. The baccalaureate portion of ASN-MSN program started in August 2005 and ended in December 2005. The graduate portion of the ASN-MSN program started in January 2006 and culminated with graduation in December 2007.

3. The applicant provides

* two pages titled Fact Sheet: Degree Completion Programs for Registered Nurses: Registered Nurse (RN) to Master’s Degree and RN to Baccalaureate Programs
* a page title Course Plan – Executive Leadership


1. The applicant’s record contains three transcripts that show she graduated from:

* Barry University, FL, on 18September 1999 with a BS degree with a major in Exercise Science
* Broward College, FL, on 16December 2003 with an ASN degree
* Barry University on 15December 2007 with an MSN degree with a major in Nursing Administration

2. On 13December 2013, in conjunction with her upcoming appointment in the Army Nurse Corps (ANC), a DAForm5074 was completed. This form shows:

* her MSN – Nursing Administration degree was listed as her basic qualifying degree
* the inclusive dates of her RN license were listed as 20April 2004 to 19November 2013
* she was credited with 3years of CSC for her professional experience for a total of 3years of CSC
* her CSC qualified her for the entry rank/grade of 1LT/O-2

3. On 13February 2014, she was appointed as a Regular Army (RA) ANC 1LT and she executed an Oath of Office on that date. Her DOR to 1LT was 13February 2014.

4. The applicant provides a fact sheet, undated, wherein it stated, in part:

a. RN to MSN programs generally take about 3years to complete with specific requirements varying by institution and the student’s previous course work. Though the majority of these programs are offered in traditional settings some RN to MSN programs are offered largely online or in a blended classroom/online format.

b. The baccalaureate level content missing from diploma and associate degree nursing (ADN) programs is built into the front-end of the RN to MSN program (emphasis added). Mastery of this upper level basic nursing content is necessary for students to move on to graduate study. Upon completion, many programs award both the baccalaureate and master’s degree.

5. On 29February 2016, an advisory opinion was obtained from the U.S. Army Cadet Command and Fort Knox, KY. The advisory official recommended denial of the applicant’s request for additional CSC and an adjusted DOR. The advisory official opined:

a. The applicant graduated with an MSN on 15December 2007 from Barry University. The transcript notes a conferred degree of M.S. in Nursing with a major in Nursing Administration. Transcripts submitted by the applicant do not show a conferred BSN degree. Without submission of a transcript with a conferred BSN degree, required by the Office of The Surgeon General (OTSG), the MSN degree will remain the qualifying degree.

b. Department of Defense Instruction (DODI)6000.13 (Medical Manpower and Personnel), paragraph states “Credit may not include time spent in attainment of baccalaureate or other lower degrees.” The DAForm5074-1 correctly shows the qualifying degree is an MSN, not a BSN. At the time of the board, the applicant was awarded 3years of CSC for her documented work history.

6. On 15March 2016, the applicant was provided a copy of the advisory opinion for information and to allow her the opportunity to submit comments or a rebuttal; however, no response was received.


1. Army Regulation 601-100 (Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers in the RA) states special eligibility requirements are prescribed for selection and appointing commissioned officers to the Corps of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) in the RA. Individuals must meet the educational and professional requirements specified in Army Regulation 135-101 (Appointment of Reserve Commissioned Officers for Assignment to AMEDD Branches) to be eligible for an RA appointment. OTSG will determine acceptability of credentials.

2. Army Regulation 135-101 states for appointment in the ANC:

a. An applicant must be a graduate of an educational program in nursing that prepares the individual to become eligible for licensure as an RN and be currently licensed to practice as an RN in one of the United States, District of Columbia, or a U.S. Territory.

b. For determining entry grade credit will not be given for the basic qualifying degree. Credit will be given for full-time experience of one-half year for each year of experience up to a maximum of 3years.

c. For entry grade credit of less than 3years, appointment grade will be second lieutenant; for 3years or more, but less than 7 years, appointment grade will be 1LT.

3. DODI6000.13 governs the requirements for awarding CSC:

a. Paragraph 6.1.2 states CSC provides a person who begins commissioned service after obtaining the additional education, training, or experience required for appointment, designation, or assignment as an officer in a health profession with a grade and DOR comparable to that attained by officers who begin commissioned service after getting a baccalaureate degree and service for the period of time it would take to obtain the additional education.

b. Paragraph states credit for master’s and doctorate degrees in a health profession other than medicine and dentistry, whether it is the primary degree or an additional advanced degree, shall be awarded based on actual full-time equivalent education of up to 2years for a master’s degree and up to 4years for a doctorate. Credit will not include time spent in attainment of baccalaureate or other degrees.

c. Paragraph states credit of one-half year of experience for each year, to a maximum of 3years, may be granted for experience in a health profession if such experience is directly used by the military service concerned.


1. The evidence of record confirms on 13February 2014 the applicant was appointed as a RA commissioned officer in the ANC in the grade of 1LT with a DOR of 13February 2014. As she had not been awarded a BSN, the MSN degree she held was correctly listed as her basic qualifying degree. For appointments in the ANC, credit is not authorized for the basic qualifying degree. She was appropriately credited with 3years of CSC for her professional experience as an RN which qualified her for appointment as a 1LT.

2. While she may have completed courses that would be required for a BSN, as stated by the advisory official, she was not awarded a BSN and did not qualify for additional credit for the MSN she held. There was no error or injustice.

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