Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Code




A.  AR 601-280 (Army Retention Program), 1 Apr 16.

B.  AR 600-8-2 (Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flag)), 11 May 16.

C.  MILPER Message 15-108, 8 Apr 15, subject:  Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Code.

1.  This MILPER will expire no later than one year from date of issue.

2.  Effective immediately this MILPER message supersedes MILPER Message 15-108.  This  message applies to Active Component enlisted Soldiers only.  The RETAIN system is the only system for making IMREPR code updates other than IMREPR codes 9B, 9E, 9V, and 9Z, which are controlled by the electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) flagging actions.

3.  IMREPR code accuracy not only affects retention, it also impacts reclassification, reassignment, promotion, awards and decorations, attendance at civilian or military schooling, retirement, and Family member travel to overseas commands.

4.  All Active Component commands must monitor RETAIN and the Favorable Actions Management Report (AAA-095) in eMILPO for IMREPR inaccuracies.  Career counselors will complete timely submission and processing of IMREPR code transactions in accordance with AR 601-280, para 2-6m (13).  Effective communication between career counselors, the command, and the G1/S1 will produce an informed and proactive working environment, greatly improving data accuracy.  The codes displayed in eMILPO and the Total Army Personnel Data Base (TAPDB) will be managed by priority as listed below.

10/BlankNo disqualification (Eligible for immediate reenlistment)N/A
11Subject to involuntary separation11
12Approved retirement under TERA4
13Identified for QMP consideration8
8GGrade – Due to reduction/removal from promotion standing list24
9ALost time (IAW AR 630-10)23
9BAdverse action Flag (Flag codes A, L, M, U, and V)20
9CDenied retention by SA (HRC use only)12
9DPending security clearance determination27
9EPhysical readiness22
9FDenied retention by SA – Force shaping requirements7
9GGrade (Within 16 months of ETS, not able to reenlist for 2 years due to RCP)25
9HPending MEB/PEB17
9JInvoluntary separation under QSP6
9KField bar to continued service – Imposed below HQDA16
9LInvoluntary separation under QMP5
9MApproved retirement under QMP1
9NCourts-Martial conviction; Convicted by one or more Summary, Special, or General Courts Martial15
9OAge; Restricted from retention due to max age limitations29
9PLoss of qualification in PMOS14
9QDeclination of continued service statement – Refusal to take action to meet length of service requirement13
9RPending MAR218
9SConscientious objector (Except CMF 68)28
9TApproved involuntary separation9
9UApproved retirement under QSP2
9VPending separation10
9WNot eligible due to SSG NCOER/NCOES eligibility requirements19
9XOther; prohibitions not otherwise identified26
9YRetirement; application for retirement has been approved3
9ZWeight; does not meet acceptable weight standards21

5.  Precedence is established with the lowest number identifying the highest disqualification.  The above-listed IMREPR codes and priority precedence levels are approved by the Director of Military Personnel Management (DMPM), Army G1.  Career counselors will use these codes to identify Soldiers with a reenlistment disqualification.

6.  The “10” code listed above is for legacy systems to depict the absence of a reenlistment prohibition and will be treated the same as a Soldier without a prohibition reflected on their record.  A blank IMREPR code depicts a Soldier who does not have a disqualification or who is otherwise fully eligible for immediate reenlistment.

7.  The point of contact for all inquiries pertaining to IMREPR codes is the servicing career counselor.  Career counselors with questions pertaining to this message will contact the Retention and Reclassification Branch, HRC, EPMD, usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-retention-reclass-branch@mail.mil.