February 2017 USAR Reappointment / Warrant Officer Initial Selection Panel Results




A.  AR 135-100 (Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Army), dated 1 September 1994.

B.  AR 40-501 (Standards of Medical Fitness), dated 22 December 2016.

1.  This message will expire 1 March 2018.

2.  The following applicants were selected for reappointment or warrant officer initial appointment into the United States Army Reserve (USAR).  All individuals will receive an email notification of panel results and instructions for the completion of their appointments.  This notification does not constitute final appointment or reappointment approval.  Final approval is subject to the required administrative processing detailed in paragraph 3 below.

Barlow Scott CraigCPTReappointment
Chappel Gregory Maurice JrCPTReappointment
Collingwood Kelley ReneeMAJReappointment
Crosby Christopher JonMAJReappointment
Fernandez Jose IsraelCPTReappointment
Gonzalez Patrick ApolonioCPTReappointment
Johnson Charles PaulCPTReappointment
Keith Richard Jackson1LTReappointment
Kubsch Judith AnnMAJReappointment
McFarland Joel ThomasCPTReappointment
Reynolds Eugene ThomasCW3WO Reappointment
Wanczyk Jerome RichardCW2WO Reappointment
Cupitt Heather LynnCW2WO Initial
Jennings Steven RandallCW2WO Initial
Patterson John Wayne JrWO1WO Initial
Sayre Richard ThomasWO1WO Initial
Townley Janet EvonWO1WO Initial

3.  Selected applicants must have the following items completed prior to final appointment / reappointment:

a.  Approved scroll signed by the Secretary of Defense, as the granting authority for accession as a USAR Commissioned Officer under title 10, U.S.C., section 12203 or section 12241(b) as a Warrant Officer.  Scroll confirmation requests are processed and submitted through AHRC-ORD-A.

b.  Qualifying Chapter 2, AR 40-501, appointment physical.

c.  Validated SECRET security clearance within 180 days of notification of selection memorandum.

d.  Failure to complete and submit all administrative requirements, within the allotted time, will result in HRC withdrawal of the tentative appointment or reappointment offer.

4.  Please direct all questions concerning the status of an individual’s appointment or reappointment to the local Army Reserve Career Division (ARCD) Accessions NCO.

5.  POC for this message is Mr. Roger Deon at DSN (312) 983-6280 or (502) 613-6280 or roger.f.deon.civ@mail.mil.