FY18 U.S. Army Human Resources Command Professor of Military Science (PMS) Centralized Selection Board – (LTC / MAJ(P)/MAJ)
1. This message expires on 21 April 2018.

2. This program is open to highly motivated active component and USAR/AGR Army Officers in the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and Major.

3. The U.S. Army Human Resources Command Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Professor of Military Science (PMS) Centralized Selection Board will convene at U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Fort Knox, Kentucky from 21 – 25 August 2017 to select the best-qualified field grade officers available for PMS duty. Applicants in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel that become promotable to Colonel after the board convene date are ineligible for continued consideration for PMS at the Lieutenant Colonel/Major level.

4. Officers may self-nominate through their individual Assignment Officers. The FY18 PMS board will be an “opt in” board of which officers will utilize the “My Board File (MBF)”. An “opt in” board means an officer must take action to be considered.

5. Upon publication of this message, volunteer/self-nominations (PMS preference sheet) will be accepted by individual Assignment Officers for PMS positions scheduled for Academic Year (AY) 2018-2019 (AY18-19). Officers must submit PMS preference sheet NLT 7 July 2017. All known PMS vacancies identified before December 2018 will be boarded and slated with summer 2018 report dates. Some vacancies may require an earlier report date, which will be coordinated with the PMS selectee, Cadet Command and HRC. To view the entire vacancy list at http://www.cadetcommand.army.mil/, select the organization tab, and then select the for cadre/staff tab.

6. Officers interested in competing for PMS duty must meet the requirements below for consideration by the PMS selection board:

a. Serving as an LTC, MAJ (P) or MAJ in Cohort Year Groups 1993-2003.

b. Completed intermediate level education prior to the start of the board (no exceptions).

c. Possess an Advanced Degree, Masters or higher NLT 31 May 2017, (no exceptions).

d. Recently served in a tactical/operational unit.

e. Possess moral attributes and personal traits for a position of prestige in an academic community.

f. Physically fit, able to lead formations, and meet all Army standards of military bearing and appearance IAW AR 600-9.

g. Available for AY18 permanent change of station move (available to report for duty NLT 15 September 2018).

h. Mandatory Removal Date (MRD) no earlier than 1 September 2021 (no exceptions).

i. No pending adverse actions.

j. ARSOF officers are encouraged to apply, however, selection for a PMS position is subject to operational requirements.

7. Due to operational considerations and the needs of the Army, the following officers are ineligible to compete:

a. Current Professors of Military Science with an arrival date to Cadet Command after September 2018.

b. School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) planners who have not completed their tier one utilization tour.

c. Specific AMEDD (Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Veterinary Corps) Officers. (MC, DC, VC)

d. Chaplains.

e. Cyber Officers.

f. Explosive Ordnance Officers.

g. Finance Officers.

h. Judge Advocate General Officers.

i. FA26 Information Engineers Officers.

j. FA29 Electronic Warfare Officers.

k. FA40 Space Operations Officers.

l. FA46 Public Affairs Officers.

m. FA47 Academy Professors.

n. FA48 Foreign Area Officers.

o FA49 Operation Research & Systems Analysis Officers. (ORSA)

p. FA50 Force Management Officers.

q. FA51 Acquisition Officers.

r. FA52 Nuclear and Counter Proliferation Officers.

s. FA57 Simulation Operations Officers.

t. FA59 Strategic Plans and Policy Officers.

8. Any officer selected by the board and subsequently receives a Branch/Functional Area Transfer after the results of the FY18 PMS board into one of the ineligible categories outlined in paragraph 7 will be released from the PMS list for assignment within the new Branch/Functional Area.

9. For those officers serving in a joint duty assignment, (IAW Title X, DOD Instruction 1300.19, CJCS Instruction 1330.05A, and Directive-type Memorandum (DTM) 17-005), the time on station minimum requirement is 24 months. In order to remain in compliance with law and policy, officers serving in a joint duty assignment that requires a Secretary of Defense waiver to depart are ineligible to compete for a PMS position.

10. Applicants must submit a PMS preference sheet NLT 7 July 2017 (no exceptions) to their HRC Assignment Officer. Applicants can obtain a PMS preference sheet from their Assignment Officer or from the Cadet Command website at http://www.cadetcommand.army.mil/, select the organization tab, and then select the for cadre/staff tab. PMS preference sheets will not be accepted if unsigned or submitted after 7 July 2017. Applicants who fail to submit a PMS preference sheet by 7 July 2017 to their career manager will be disqualified from competing in this year’s PMS selection board. The preference sheet will be used to assign the best qualified officers to a specific program. Officer preference will be taken into consideration; however, the needs of the Army will remain paramount.

11. Once the signed PMS preference sheet has been accepted by the Assignment Officer and all the qualifications outlined in paragraph 6a-j are met, officers are considered eligible to compete in the PMS selection board.

12. Assignment Officers will contact all officers on the status of their PMS application before the board convenes.

13. Each officer must have their Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR) updated to ensure that the most current and accurate information is available to the PMS board members. Code 09 (complete-the-record) Officer Evaluation Report (OER) is not authorized for this board. The following materials must be in the PMS selection board file:

a. Updated Officer Record Brief (ORB) (board version).

b. Updated photo (should reflect current grade).

c. Official undergraduate and postgraduate degree transcripts (no exceptions).

14. Evaluation reports.

a. In order to be considered by the board, all mandatory or Optional OER / Academic Evaluation Reports (AER) must be received, error free, by the HRC Evaluations Branch NLT 14 August 2017. To ensure reports are received at HRC by this date, commanders at all levels must ensure any applicable evaluation reports for eligible officers are expeditiously processed.

b. OERs will be prepared on the appropriate DA Form 67-10 series OER form within the Evaluation Entry System (EES) and submitted to HRC via EES. If unable to access and submit evaluations within EES, hard copy DA Form 67-10 series OERs can be prepared and mailed to: Cdr, USA HRC, Attn: AHRC-PDV-ER, 1600 Spearhead Div Ave, Dept #470, Fort Knox KY 40122-5407. Access to EES is available at the following link: https://evaluations.hrc.army.mil. If unable to access EES, DA Form 67-10 series OERs can be obtained from the Army publishing directorate’s webpage at the following link: http://www.apd.army.mil.

(1) Sending OERs by email is only for deployed units or deployed rating officials and should only be used for deployed units who created .pdf-f evaluations outside of EES. AR 623-3, Section VII, Chapter 3-33(j) outlines submission standards for deployed units.

(2) All non-deployed units or rating officials with ink-signed or older version forms not compatible with EES must mail printed OERs to Cdr, USA HRC, Attn: AHRC-PDV-ER, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Dept# 470, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5407.

c. Reports that are error free and received by HRC Evaluations Branch for processing by 14 August 2017 will be placed in the officers’ AMHRR and their board file prior to board voting. This suspense date is for receipt of evaluations by HRC Evaluations Branch, not for submission to AMHRR. If an evaluation is seen as working in the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS) with a received by date of 14 August 2017 or earlier and the evaluation is error free, it will be completed in time for the selection board.

d. Officers with missing OERs from their board file or AMHRR should first check the online application EES. This will identify any evaluations not completed (either on hold or rejected) due to errors. Officers with questions about OER policy or procedural matters can contact an Evaluations Branch Point of Contact (POC) for resolution at either commercial (502) 613-9019, DSN 983-9019 or: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.tagd-eval-policy@mail.mil.

e. For resolution of duplicate, inverted, or misfiled evaluation reports, submit request to: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.tagd-eval-appeals@mail.mil.

f. Hard copy DA Form 1059 AER should be mailed to Cdr, USA HRC, Attn: AHRC-PDV-ER, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Dept #470, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5407.

g. Career managers, board support personnel, and Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (IPERMS) support personnel are not authorized to place any evaluations directly into the AMHRR. All evaluations must process through the HRC Evaluations Branch using normal processing channels into the AMHRR and then into the Officer’s board file. OERs that are not labeled (and profiled) by the Evaluations Branch will not be seen by this board.

15. All Officers in the zones of consideration may submit correspondence to the president of the board, if so desired.

a. Individual memorandums should include only matters deemed important in the consideration of an officer’s record. They should be addressed to President, FY2018 PMS CSB. Attn: AHRC-PDV-S, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Fort Knox, KY 40122. Signed memoranda may be scanned and emailed to usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.tagd-board-ac-officer@mail.mil. Memoranda must arrive NLT 14 August 2017 in order to be considered. These documents should not be uploaded to IPERMS.

b. Any memorandum considered by a board will become a matter of record for that board and will be retained in the board files. Memoranda to the board (including enclosures) will not be filed in an officer’s AMHRR.

c. Communications or memoranda of recommendation from other parties on behalf of officers eligible for consideration will not be provided to the board unless forwarded as an enclosure to a memorandum to the board from the considered officer. Officers desiring to write to the president of a board should refer to AR 600-8-29, paragraph 1-33, for guidance.

d. Unprocessed copies of OERs, resident AERs or evaluation appeals not yet adjudicated should not be sent as enclosures and will not be provided to the board.

16. Unprocessed copies of OERs or resident AERs or evaluation appeals that have not yet been adjudicated will not be accepted as enclosures to letters to the board president and will not be provided to the board.

17. AMHRR documents. This board will utilize the MBF application. My Board File (MBF) is a secure, web-based application with AKO sign on and authentication to allow officers in the zones of consideration one location to review and certify their entire board file. MBF is comprised of files from the performance folder of the AMHRR, DA Photo (DAPMIS), and ORB in TOPMIS. If there is an error or missing document in MBF, officers must first correct those items in their AMHRR, DAPMIS, and TOPMIS, as applicable, in order for the MBF to be updated.

a. Officers may view their AMHRR online at: https://iperms.hrc.army.mil/rms/.

b. S1/MPD/DHR/UAMIL HR offices and Assignment Officers will use the web upload feature in IPERMS to submit authorized AMHRR document updates, IAW (AR-600-8-104). Use the below link to access the authorized documents list: https://iperms.hrc.army.mil/rms/. All documents must include the officer’s full name and complete 9 digit SSN.

c. All AMHRR update submissions must be received NLT 14 August 2017, to allow for sufficient processing time. S1/MPD/DHR/UAMIL HR office, UA, Assignment Officers and career managers must type the word “board” in the comment field of the batch for priority processing. Scan operators should annotate the batch number for future reference. All updates to the performance folder of the AMHRR will populate the MBF application. Scan operators should consider and plan for the normal systematic delay from initial scan to records update.

d. Do not submit OERs or AERs (DA 1059) to IPERMS; they must go to the evaluations branch for processing. Follow the procedures in paragraph 14 of this message for all evaluation related documents and issues.

e. For resolution of duplicate, inverted, misfiled or masking documents officers should have the Military Personnel Division (MPD), S1, unit administrator, or career manager, submit a request to usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.iperms-board-support@mail.mil. Correctly filed authorized documents will not be masked or removed.

f. For additional information on updating board documents in IPERMS, Officers should refer to the following link: https://www.hrc.army.mil/tagd/updating%20board%20documents.

g. Provide a copy of this message to all assigned or attached Lieutenant Colonels, Promotable Majors and Majors.

18. Key dates:
Board Board dates OER thru dates OER received by MBF open/close dates PMS preference sheet
FY18 PMS 21-25 Aug 17 N/A 14 Aug 17 24 Jul – 16 Aug 17 NLT 7 Jul 17

19. Immediately after the PMS selection board adjournment and approval by HRC, the results will be forwarded to Cadet Command for slating. Upon the Cadet Command Commanding General’s approval of the PMS slate, the results will be posted to the eTOPMIS and HRC websites. The final step in the PMS selection process is a formal nomination to the specific university/college administration’s acceptance of the PMS nominations. Once approved, HRC will publish individual RFOs for PCS.

20. Cadet Command will maintain an alternate list through end of March 2018 to fill un-forecasted vacancies. If circumstances arise due to medical or hardship reasons, applicants may contact their Assignment Officers and request release from the alternate list. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

21. Beginning with FY17, Cadet Command conducts a Cadre and Faculty Development Course at Fort Knox, KY that supports the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Pamphlet (Pam) 525-3-1, U.S. Army Operating Concept: Win in a Complex World (AOC 2020-2040) and TRADOC Pam 525-8-3, U.S. Army Learning Concept (ALC 2015). This course is designed to be a 9 week resident course conducted in a TDY en route status from June to August each year.

22. Selection and service as a PMS does not preclude an officer from consideration and selection for CSL command opportunities. However, selection to CSL command may limit the ability to serve as a PMS due to the short timeframe from CSL selection and assuming command.

23. AMHRR/IPERMS inquiries: contact the Army Soldier Records Branch, Board Support Team at DSN 983-8995, commercial (502) 613-8995 or email address usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.iperms-board-support@mail.mil. For additional information refer to the following website https://www.hrc.army.mil/tagd/updating%20board%20documents do not send AMHRR updated documents to this email.

24. Point of contact for this MILPER Message is Mr. Jerome Draper (HRC, Fort Knox, KY) at jerome.draper.civ@mail.mil or (502) 613-6312 (DSN: 983) and Mr. Robert Johnson (Cadet Command, Fort Knox, KY) at robert.h.johnson11.civ@mail.mil or (502) 624-5718 (DSN: 464).