Processing Procedures for Award of Skill Identifier/Additional Skill Identifier (SI/ASI) Q4, Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS) Operator
1. This message will expire no later than 20 April 2018.

2. The purpose of this message is to announce changes to the processing procedures for award of SI/ASI Q4 to qualified Soldiers.

3. The Army Space Personnel Development Office (ASPDO) assumed responsibility and management of SI/ASI Q4. The following procedures are effective 1 April 2017:

a. ASPDO is the only office authorized to award SI/ASI Q4 to qualified Soldiers.

b. Qualified Soldiers will be awarded the SI/ASI upon graduation from the JTAGS Initial Qualification Training (IQT) course taught by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT), Future Warfare Center, Directorate of Training and Doctrine.

c. Soldiers who graduated from the JTAGS IQT prior to this date and have not been awarded the SI/ASI must submit a DA Form 4187 (Request for Personnel Action) signed by the Soldier and company commander, Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)/Officer Record Brief (ORB), and training completion certificate to ASPDO for processing.

4. ASPDO is in the process of writing a procedural guide outlining the new procedures. When complete, the procedural guide will be posted on the Army Space Knowledge Management Site (ASKMS) at https://army.deps.mil/army/sites/askms/badges/sitepages/home.aspx. For access, ensure you select your CAC email certificate when prompted.

5. Scan and email all requests for the SI/ASI Q4 with supporting documentation to usarmy.peterson.smdc.mbx.aspdo@mail.mil. Requests can also be mailed to the following address:

350 Vandenberg Street
Peterson AFB, CO 80914

6. Questions concerning SI/ASI Q4 should be addressed to April Pellegrino, ASPDO Operation Officer, at telephone (719) 554-0455 or email april.s.pellegrino.civ@mail.mil.