Stabilization of Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) Master Gunners
A. DA PAM 611-21 (Military Occupational Classification and Structure), 22 January 2007.

B. AR 614-200 (Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management), 26 February 2009 (Rapid Action Review 002, 11 October 2011).

1. This MILPER message will expire one year after release.

2. The intent of this message is to increase readiness in U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) by stabilizing Master Gunner Soldiers for a period of 18 months upon completion of Master Gunner Course and being slated for or slotted in a valid MTOE company or battalion Master Gunner position.

3. Applicable Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI) for stabilization: A7 – Field Artillery Master Gunner, A8 – Master Gunner M1/M1A1 Tank, J3 – Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Master Gunner, K8 – Master Gunner M1A2 Tank, and R8 – Mobile Gun System Master Gunner.

4. Assignment Eligibility and Availability (AEA) code “G” (Special Category Stabilization) may be used by commands to stabilize 11B, 19D, 19K, and 13B Soldiers, who have completed Master Gunner training, received appropriate ASI, are slated for or slotted in a valid unit MTOE Master Gunner position, and will have less than 60 months time on station as of the end of stabilization. AEA code “G” will be entered into the electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) by unit S-1 immediately upon graduation and return to the unit from training, or upon assumption of Master Gunner duties. Master Gunners will be stabilized for 18 months or until no longer slotted in a valid unit Master Gunner position.

5. Human Resources Command (HRC) will ensure Master Gunners stabilized in accordance with this message, with less than 60 months time on station, are not placed on assignment instructions with report dates prior to the end of their stabilization period, unless a waiver is granted at the Career Division Chief (O6) level.

6. Units may send requests to HRC to stabilize Master Gunners who exceed 60 months time on station. Requests must be endorsed by the Brigade Commander and forwarded to usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-psa-branch@mail.mil for processing.

7. Points of contact: inquiries pertaining to the stabilization of MTOE slotted Master Gunners will be directed to the Enlisted Procedures and Soldier Actions Branch (AHRC-EPO-P), Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate, HRC, at usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-psa-branch@mail.mil, (502) 613-5852, DSN 983-5852.