Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Regular Army (RA) Medical Service (MS) Corps Medical Functional Area (MFA) 70 (Health Services) Area of Concentration (AOC) Designation Panel
A. MS Policy Memo 15-002, 70B AOC Designation Policy, 27 February 2015.

B. MS Policy Memo 15-003, 67J Secondary AOC Designation Policy, 27 February 2015.

C. DA Pam 600-4 (Army Medical Department Officer Development and Career Management), 27 June 2007.

D. AR 640-30 (Photographs for Military Human Resources Records), 18 September 2008.

1. This message will expire 19 April 2018.

2. This message announces zones of eligibility, methodology, and administrative instructions for the FY17 RA MS Corps MFA 70 (Health Services) AOC Designation Panel.

3. The panel will convene 6 June 2017 and recess on or about 22 June 2017.

4. The purpose of the panel is to identify RA MS Officers who are classified as Area of Concentration (AOC) 70B (Healthcare Administration Assistant) and 67J (Aeromedical Evacuation Officer) for targeted Promotion Year Groups (PYG) intended for designation into an appropriate MFA 70 specialty as a secondary AOC based on their acquired knowledge, skills, and experiences, the needs of the Army, and individual officer preferences.

5. Eligibility.

a. Regular Army MS Officers classified as either a 70B or 67J who fall within the targeted PYGs identified below.

b. Targeted PYGs.

PYG Dates Of Rank To CPT Preference Sheet If No Response
70B 2009 02 NOV 11 – 31 JAN 13 MANDATORY IAW needs of MS
67J 2009 02 NOV 11 – 31 JAN 13 MANDATORY IAW needs of MS
70B/67J 2010 01 FEB 13 – 01 SEP 14 OPT IN Apply next year
70B/67J 2011 02 SEP 14 – 01 SEP 15 OPT IN Apply next year
6. Methodology.

a. All eligible RA MS Officers in PYG 09 must submit a preference sheet by the required suspense described below within the administrative instructions section.

b. All eligible RA MS Officers in PYG 2010-2011 (opt-in PYG) are encouraged to submit their preference sheet with only one AOC (reflected as their first choice). In this circumstance, the panel will either approve designation within the selected AOC or disapprove and defer designation until a mandatory decision is required by a subsequent panel.

c. The panel’s AOC designation constitutes a final reclassification action without right of appeal or reconsideration.

d. The approved AOC will be reflected as a secondary AOC within an eligible officer’s Record Brief (RB).

7. Administrative Instructions.

a. The AOC designation preference sheet is available on the MS Branch webpage: https://www.hrc.army.mil/opmd/welcome%20to%20the%20medical%20service%20corps%20branch

b. The AOC preference sheet must be submitted to the MS Branch mailbox at usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.opmd-medical-service-corps@mail.mil on or before 18 May 2017.

c. Complete the record evaluations are not authorized.

d. My Board File will not be used for this panel.

e. Official Department of the Army photographs, which must be current (less than five years old) and accurate (grade, awards, etc.), will be used by the panel.

f. The panel will review the RB as well as any document contained within the performance folder of the Army Military Human Resources Record.

8. Summary of critical actions and dates.

a. AOC preference sheet suspense: 18 May 2017.

b. Panel convene date: 6 June 2017.

9. The point of contact for this message is MAJ LaMisa G. Shaw at (502) 613-6512, lamisa.g.shaw.mil@mail.mil, or the MS Branch mailbox at usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.opmd-medical-service-corps@mail.mil.