Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, Major General, Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Competitive Category, Promotion Selection Board (PSB), Zones of Consideration
A. Title 10, United States Code (USC).

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1. This message will expire no later than (NLT) 3 Apr 18.

2. A Selection Board is scheduled to convene on or about 21 Sep 17 to consider officers for promotion to Major General in the AMEDD Competitive Category.

3. The considered population for this board includes all brigadier generals, AMEDD Competitive Category (MC, DC, AN, MS, SP, and VC), who are currently serving on the Active Duty List with a Date of Rank of 2 Sep 16 or earlier. The “Promotion Zone” includes those officers with Dates of Rank from 3 Sep 15 thru 2 Sep 16. Those officers with Dates of Rank from 2 Sep 15 and earlier are “Above the Promotion Zone.” Officers “Above the Promotion Zone” will be afforded the same opportunity for selection as those officers in the “Promotion Zone.”

4. Title 10 USC, Section 614, requires that the name and Date of Rank of the Junior Officer and the Senior Officer in the Promotion Zone, as of the date of this announcement, be identified. The Senior Officer in the Promotion Zone is BG Erik H. Torring III, Date of Rank 29 Oct 15, and the Junior Officer in the Promotion Zone is BG Michael J. Talley, Date of Rank 2 Jul 16.

5. Officers with an approved retirement or separation date within 90 days (20 Dec 17) after the date on which the board convenes are not eligible for consideration by this board. Officers with over 90 days from an approved retirement or separation date will have a statement of approved retirement or separation placed in their board file pursuant to AR 600-8-29, para 1-10 e(1).

6. All eligible officers considered for promotion will have an adverse screen to determine if credible information of an adverse nature exists and, if so, it will be presented to the board. This includes any substantiated adverse finding or conclusion from an officially documented investigation or inquiry, or any other credible information of an adverse nature. The General Officer Management Office (GOMO) will refer adverse information to the officer for comment prior to the convene date of the board. If an officer has derogatory information in his or her Army Military Human Resource Record (AMHRR) (performance and/or restricted folder), this information will be seen by the board and will not be referred to the officer for comment. If the officer concerned would like to comment on the derogatory information in his or her performance and/or restricted file, the officer should use the instructions listed in paragraph 8 of this message.

7. Evaluation Reports.

a. In order to be considered by the board, all mandatory or optional Officer Evaluation Reports (OER) / Academic Evaluation Reports (AER) must be received, error free, by the HRC Evaluations Branch NLT 14 Sep 17. To ensure reports are received at HRC by this date, Commanders at all levels must ensure any applicable Evaluation Reports for eligible officers are expeditiously processed.

b. OERs will be prepared on the appropriate DA Form 67-10 series OER form within the Evaluation Entry System (EES) and submitted to HRC via EES. If unable to access and submit Evaluations within EES, hard copy DA Form 67-10 series OERs can be prepared and mailed to: CDR, USA HRC, ATTN: AHRC-PDV-ER, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Dept # 470, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5407. Access to EES is available at the following link: https://evaluations.hrc.army.mil. If unable to access EES, DA Form 67-10 series OERs can be obtained from the Army Publishing Directorate’s webpage at the following link: http://www.apd.army.mil.

(1) Sending OERs by email is only for deployed units or deployed rating officials and should only be used for deployed units who created PDF-F evaluations outside of EES. A standard operating procedure covering a process for scanning and emailing OERs from deployed units is available upon request.

(2) All non-deployed units or rating officials with ink-signed or older version forms not useable in EES must mail printed OERs to CDR, USA HRC, ATTN: AHRC-PDV-ER, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Dept# 470, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5407.

c. Code 09, Complete-the-Record Report.

(1) A Code 09, Complete-the-Record OER, is “optional” for officers who meet the criteria pursuant to AR 623-3, para 3-56.

(2) The required “thru date” for Complete-the-Record Reports (Code 09) is 22 Aug 17. All Complete-the-Record OERs for this board will be required to be prepared and submitted on the appropriate DA Form 67-10 within EES or found on the Army Publishing Directorate’s webpage.

(3) Refer to AR 623-3, para 3-56, to determine eligibility for submitting a Complete-the-Record Report, all criteria must be met in order to receive this report.

(4) All other reports (mandatory or optional), excluding Complete-the-Record (code 09), will have “thru dates” that reflect the date of the event that is the reason for the report.

d. Evaluation Reports that are received by HRC Evaluations Branch for processing on or prior to 14 Sep 17 will be placed in the officer’s AMHRR and their board file prior to board voting, assuming the evaluation is free of errors. This suspense date is for receipt of evaluations by HRC Evaluations Branch, not for submission to AMHRR. If an evaluation is seen as working in the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS) with a received by date of 14 Sep 17 or earlier, and the evaluation is free of errors, it will be completed in time for the selection board.

e. Officers with missing OERs from their board file or AMHRR should first check the online application EES. This will identify any evaluations not completed (either on hold or rejected) due to errors. Officers with questions about OER policy or procedural matters can contact an Evaluations Branch point of contact for resolution at either commercial (502) 613-9019, DSN 983-9019, or via email

f. Hard copy AERs will be mailed to CDR, USA HRC, ATTN: AHRC-PDV-ER, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Dept #470, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5407.

g. Career managers, board support personnel, and Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (IPERMS) support personnel are not authorized to place any evaluations directly in the AMHRR. All evaluations must process through the Evaluations Branch using normal processing channels into the AMHRR and then into the officer’s board file. OERs that are not labeled (and profiled) by the Evaluations Branch will not be seen by the board.

h. For resolution of duplicate, inverted or misfiled evaluation reports, submit request to: usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.tagd-eval-appeals@mail.mil.

8. All officers in the zones of consideration may, if desired, submit correspondence to the President of the Board.

a. Memorandums should include only those matters deemed important in the consideration of an officer’s record. They should be addressed to: President, FY17 MG, AMEDD, PSB, ATTN: HRC-PDV-S, 1600 Spearhead Division Ave, Fort Knox, KY 40122. Signed memorandums can be scanned and emailed to usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.tagd-board-ac-officer@mail.mil. Memorandums must arrive NLT the day before the board convene date in order to be considered.

b. Any memorandum considered by a board will become a matter of record for that board and will be retained in the board files. Memorandums to the board (including enclosures) will not be filed in an officer’s AMHRR. Do not send these documents to IPERMS.

c. Communications or memorandums of recommendation from other parties on behalf of officers eligible for consideration will not be provided to the board unless forwarded as an enclosure to a memorandum to the board from the officer being considered. Officers desiring to provide documents and information to the board that call attention to any matter they consider important to their consideration should refer to AR 600-8-29, para 1-33, for guidance.

d. Pursuant to AR 600-8-29, paragraph 1-33, officers eligible for consideration may not submit OERs and AERs that have not been processed by the Evaluations Branch, HRC, or evaluation appeals that have not yet been adjudicated.

9. Officers eligible for consideration by the board should review their AMHRR, General Officer resume, Officer Record Brief (ORB), and official photograph prior to 13 Sep 17. GOMO has created an area in the GOMO Restricted Website (GOMONET) where general officers can review their promotion board files. GOMO will email specific instructions on reviewing promotion board files. By utilizing the CAC-enabled ID-card, general officers may review their AMHRR online at https://iperms.hrc.army.mil/rms. Forward corrections and/or additions to the AMHRR, General Officer resume and ORB to the General Officer Management Office, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army, ATTN: CW2 Maile Johnson-Sills, CW4 Sandra M. Albelo, and SSG Heather R. Hernandez, 200 Army Pentagon, Room 2A476, Washington, DC 20310-0200, or via e-mail to maile.m.johnsonsills.mil@mail.mil, sandra.m.albelo.mil@mail.mil and heather.r.hernandez6.mil@mail.mil or usarmy.pentagon.hqda-gomo.mbx.gomo@mail.mil.

10. Point of contact for administrative and procedural promotion consideration matters is Officer Promotions Section, (HRC-PDV-PO), DSN 983-9009, Commercial (502) 613-9009. E-mail address is usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.tagd-ac-officer-promotions@mail.mil. General Officer Management Office points of contact are CW2 Maile Johnson-Sills at DSN 227-9466, Commercial (703) 697-9466, or e-mail at maile.m.johnsonsills.mil@mail.mil, CW4 Sandra M. Albelo at DSN 227-9484, Commercial (703) 697-9484, or email sandra.m.albelo.mil@mail.mil and SSG Heather R. Hernandez at DSN 222-0152, Commercial (703) 692-0152, or e-mail at heather.r.hernandez6.mil@mail.mil.