United States Army Warrant Officer Selection Board Results March 2017
A. DA PAM 601-6, Warrant Officer Procurement Program, 14 June 2006

B. AR 135-100, Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Army, 1 September 1994

C. AR 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development, 19 August 2014

D. AR 601-100, Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers in the Regular Army, 21 November 2006

1. This MILPER message will expire NLT 28 March 2018.

2. Warrant Officer Selection Board Results March 2017.

a. Q-S Fully Qualified Select:

The below named individuals were selected to attend the Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS). Applicants should expect to receive a notification email with their WOCS class date from the Human Resources Command (HRC) within 90 days after selection. These individuals must have security clearance verification when they report to Fort Rucker for WOCS. These individuals must also have a qualified commissioning or class 1 flight physical (with no disqualifying medical condition IAW AR 40-501) and will ensure their physical is current and extends through their scheduled WOCS attendance. Personnel identified with an asterisk (*) are required to take and pass the Occupational Physical Assessment Test (OPAT) prior to reporting to WOCS per HQDA EXORD 071-17 and TRADOC TASKORD IN 163641. Candidates possessing physicals that do not cover complete attendance through WOCS may result in denied enrollment. Visit http://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/wocc/courses/wocs for more details.

Q-S Fully Qualified Select:

MOS Last Name First Name Rank Installation Status
131A Asiegbu Joseph SFC Fort Hood Q-S
131A Banks Bryce SFC Schofield Barracks Q-S
131A Brown Chris SSG Fort Bliss Q-S
131A Durovey Michael SSG Schofield Barracks Q-S
131A Elliott Calvin SSG Fort Stewart Q-S
131A Ezzio David SSG Fort Sill Q-S
131A Finan Michael SSG Germany Q-S
131A Miller Marcus SFC Germany Q-S
131A Port Tanner SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
131A Smith Brian SSG Fort Sill Q-S
131A Verna Paul SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
140A Borden Grant SSG Germany Q-S
140A Bostic Derek SFC Fort Sill Q-S
140A Nguyen Jonathan SFC Fort Carson Q-S
140A Paredes Miguel SFC Fort Bragg Q-S
140A Villarreal Eric SSG Germany Q-S
140K Fitch Joshua SSG Fort Hood Q-S
140K Kirkland Adam SSG Fort Sill Q-S
140L Barlow Brandon SFC Kunsan AB Q-S
140L Silva Eduardo SGT Fort Sill Q-S
150A Rios Antonio SFC Fort Rucker Q-S
150U Adeniran Peter SSG Fort Hood Q-S
150U Burmester Christopher SGT Fort Hood Q-S
150U Clapp Jeffrey SSG Fort Irwin Q-S
150U Dees Christopher SFC Fort Huachuca Q-S
150U Dupuis Brandon SFC Fort Riley Q-S
150U Leclair Brian SFC Fort Stewart Q-S
150U Wheeler Patrick SSG Fort Campbell Q-S
151A Ebbers Ryan SSG Fort Campbell Q-S
151A Key Kris SSG Hunter AAF Q-S
151A Rusk Thomas SSG Fort Rucker Q-S
151A Slay John SSG Alabama Q-S
151A Strand James SSG JBLM Q-S
151A Zumwalt Glenn SSG North Carolina Q-S
*153A Adkins James SSG Fort Campbell Q-S
153A Amschler Laura CPT Fort Campbell Q-S
*153A Arnett Tyler SPC Fort Wainwright Q-S
153A Betts Alexander SGT Fort Carson Q-S
*153A Bonillaalvarez Ferney SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
153A Crawford Kevin SSG Fort Lewis Q-S
153A Dean Austin PO2 Virginia Q-S
153A Donaldson Anthony SGT Louisiana Q-S
*153A Evans Hope SPC HAAF Q-S
153A Franz Sean SGT Rose Barracks Q-S
*153A Gardner Shaun SGT Fort Hood Q-S
*153A Genuino Nestor SSG Korea Q-S
153A Goering James CPT JBLM Q-S
153A Goetze Damon SGT Rose Barracks Q-S
*153A Gonzalez Hector SGT Fort Hood Q-S
153A Haka Stewart CPT Fort Benning Q-S
*153A Harmon Anthony SGT JBLM Q-S
153A Hoffman Samuel SSG Fort Benning Q-S
153A Jenkins Matthew CPT Camp Red Cloud Q-S
*153A Jensen Michael SGT Fort Bliss Q-S
*153A Lang David CPL Camp Humphreys Q-S
*153A Malpass Alton SGT JBLM Q-S
153A Martin Jonathan SGT Camp Bonifas Q-S
153A Maynard Clark 1LT Fort Lewis Q-S
*153A Mcfarland Kienan SGT Hunter AAF Q-S
153A Montiel Brito Miguel SSGT England Q-S
*153A Neidner Robert SPC Fort Carson Q-S
153A Ness Andrew SSgt Joint Base Andrews Q-S
153A Newton Aaron CPT Schofield Barracks Q-S
*153A Niswender Jennifer SGT Wheeler AAF Q-S
*153A Ortiz Kenneth SGT JBLM Q-S
*153A Patoir Matthew SGT JBER Q-S
*153A Payne Brandon SSG Fort Benning Q-S
153A Perle Brett SSG Hunter AAF Q-S
153A Pierce John SFC Indiana Q-S
153A Robison Nicholas SSG Germany Q-S
*153A Rojas Reinaldo SSG Fort Campbell Q-S
*153A Sanders Corey SSG Fort Campbell Q-S
*153A Scroggins Charles SGT Fort Campbell Q-S
153A Shealey Jacob 1LT Fort Bliss Q-S
*153A Shepherd Jacob SPC Fort Rucker Q-S
*153A Smith Ronald SGT Fort Campbell Q-S
153A Terry Kyle SGT JBLM Q-S
*153A Warren Andrew SGT Fort Campbell Q-S
*153A Weaver Zachary SGT Fort Carson Q-S
153A White Dennis SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
*153A Wiersma David SFC Wheeler AAF Q-S
*153A Wurster Bradley SGT Fort Campbell Q-S
153A Yager Brandon SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
*153A Young John SGT Fort Meade Q-S
180A Bennie Stephen CPT Fort Lewis Q-S
180A Borror Erich SFC Fort Carson Q-S
180A Davis James SFC Arizona Q-S
180A Haddon Kevin SFC JBLM Q-S
180A Rodriguez Jon 1SG Fort Campbell Q-S
180A Rumsey Charles SFC Germany Q-S
180A Stayskal Richard SFC Fort Bragg Q-S
290A Floyd Jimmy SFC JBLM Q-S
290A Lumpkin Chanteonna SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
290A Nettles Brandon SSG Fort Stewart Q-S
290A Sanchezfigueroa Arquimides SSG Germany Q-S
290A Snell Jeremy SFC Fort Carson Q-S
290A Tarkington Robert MSGT Robins AFB Q-S
350F Francisco Michael SSG Offutt AFB Q-S
350F Herrmann Benjamin SFC Peterson AFB Q-S
350G Collins Jeffrey SSG Fort Huachuca Q-S
351L Daniels Jessie SSG Fort Sam Houston Q-S
351L Eubank Eric SSG Italy Q-S
351L Irwin Michael SFC Italy Q-S
351L Jensen Jason SFC Fort Bliss Q-S
351L Manseau Brandon SSG Fort Meade Q-S
351L Pickney Rasheed SSG JBLM Q-S
351M Delao Jonathan SSG Germany Q-S
351M Stevens Markquel SGT Camp Zama Q-S
351M Todd Michael SSG Italy Q-S
352N Anthony Weston SSG Fort Hood Q-S
352N Burns Clifton SSG Fort Jackson Q-S
352N Shepherd Danielle SSG Fort Meade Q-S
352N Smith Daniel SSG Fort Benning Q-S
352N Wang Zhen SFC Schofield Barracks Q-S
915A Call Chase SSG Schofield Barracks Q-S
915A Johnson Jeffrey SFC Fort Lee Q-S
915A Lee Sung SSG Camp Humphreys Q-S
915A Mashburn Robert SFC Schofield Barracks Q-S
915A Mcdaniel Robert SSG Fort Polk Q-S
915A Min Clayton TSGT JBLM Q-S
915A Quick Thomas SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
915A Rico Francisco SSG Fort Knox Q-S
915A Stevens Jeremy SFC JBLM Q-S
915A Summers Edwin SFC Germany Q-S
915A Tabor Jason SSG Fort Mccoy Q-S
920A Barnes Fricilla SSG Fort Lee Q-S
920A Colonshingles Montez SSG JBLM Q-S
920A Cruz Luis SSG Germany Q-S
920A Epstein Aaron SSG Fort Irwin Q-S
920A Felipe Jennifer SSG JBER Q-S
920A Gibson Rodney SSG Fort Lee Q-S
920A Hodges Stephen SSG Fort Campbell Q-S
920A Izquierdo Jairo SSG Korea Q-S
920A Mitchell Dexter SSG Germany Q-S
920A Ortiz Carmen SSG Fort Hood Q-S
920A Ortizmartinez Samarys SSG Germany Q-S
920A Stephens Jacelyn SFC Fort Bragg Q-S
920A Tobes Arielvincent SSG Schofield Barracks Q-S
920B Bates Lindsey SFC Bagram AFB Q-S
920B Brown Dana SSG Belgium Q-S
920B Hudson Ameen SSG Fort Bliss Q-S
920B Luna Ibelice SSG JBLM Q-S
920B Mccollin Tracey SSG Fort Bragg Q-S
921A Carmody Gabriel SSG Fort Campbell Q-S
921A Santiago Jaison SSG Eglin AFB Q-S
922A Carter Karen SSG Fort Benning Q-S
922A Lovett Dana SFC Fort Lee Q-S
922A Sanders Darrell SSG Schofield Barracks Q-S
923A Hester Charles SFC Eglin AFB Q-S
923A Pina Joseph SFC Fort Lee Q-S
948B Frias Armando SSG Schofield Barracks Q-S
948B George Andrew SSG Fort Gordon Q-S
948B Johnson Timothy SSG New York Q-S
948B Rodriguez Michael SGT Fort Hood Q-S
948B Sadar Tyler SSG Fort Lee Q-S
948D Bosshard Michael SSGT Korea Q-S
948D Devenberg Jason SSG Fort Sill Q-S
948D Gorbet Stuart SSG JBER Q-S
948D Smith Herbert SSG Fort Riley Q-S
948D Wilson Luke SSG Fort Sill Q-S
b. FQ-NS Fully Qualified Non Select:

The below named individuals were considered by the selection board and due to the competitive nature of the board process were not selected. Their application will be boarded by the next warrant officer candidate selection board which considers their requested warrant officer military occupational specialty code (WOMOSC). These individuals are encouraged to update their application as appropriate.

FQ-NS Fully Qualified Non Select:

MOS Last Name First Name Rank Installation Status
151A Bell William SSG Camp Humphreys FQ-NS
151A Benge Jordan SSG Italy FQ-NS
151A Carneal Clint SSG Fort Carson FQ-NS
151A Dunn Kevin SSG Fort Rucker FQ-NS
151A Felix Efrain SSG Fort Carson FQ-NS
151A Garth Warren SSG Fort Lewis FQ-NS
151A Hoesley Elena SSG Fort Eustis FQ-NS
151A Jenkins Joshua SSG Wheeler AAF FQ-NS
151A Myers Kevin SSG Fort Lewis FQ-NS
151A Pickett Sean SSG Fort Wainwright FQ-NS
151A Santos Erickson SSG Fort Eustis FQ-NS
151A Williamson Jason SFC Fort Lewis FQ-NS
153A Adams Daniel SGT JBER FQ-NS
153A Arakelian Daniel 1LT Fort Campbell FQ-NS
153A Chavez Juan SGT Fort Hood FQ-NS
153A Cobb Cole 1LT Wisconsin FQ-NS
153A Dittrich Tanner SPC Walter Reed FQ-NS
153A Georgia Evan CPT Korea FQ-NS
153A Lang Christopher CPT Fort Drum FQ-NS
153A Lung Joel SSG Shaw AFB FQ-NS
153A Mcghee Hayden 1LT Texas FQ-NS
153A Oney Cory SPC Fort Campbell FQ-NS
153A Parker Jonathan SSG Fort Rucker FQ-NS
153A Perez Nelson CPL Fort Knox FQ-NS
153A Peterson Daryl SGT Fort Carson FQ-NS
153A Ramirosmith Emilio SPC Fort Rucker FQ-NS
153A Satterfield Conner 1LT Schofield Barracks FQ-NS
153A Scott Garey SPC Fort Drum FQ-NS
153A Shumway Jacob SGT Fort Carson FQ-NS
153A Soto Carlos SGT Fort Carson FQ-NS
153A Vernor Joshua SGT Fort Hood FQ-NS
290A Boyle Johnna SSG Fort Bliss FQ-NS
351L Obrosky Kyle SSG Fort Wainwright FQ-NS
920A Farlin Ian SSG Fort Lee FQ-NS
920A Leflore Latasha SGT Fort Riley FQ-NS
920A Limage Nastasja SSG Korea FQ-NS
920A Lynch Kevin SSG Fort Bragg FQ-NS
920A Marin Olga SFC Puerto Rico FQ-NS
920A Missick Amanda SSG Fort Sill FQ-NS
920A Morman Jade SFC Fort Bragg FQ-NS
920A Robinson Collins SSG Fort Riley FQ-NS
920A Scott Marquita SSG Fort Eustis FQ-NS
920A Sepulvedasantiago Cesar SGT Fort Stewart FQ-NS
920A Shedrick Robert Jr SSG Redstone Arsenal FQ-NS
920A Williams Ruebin SSG Fort Bliss FQ-NS
920B Booker Tequila SGT Fort Campbell FQ-NS
920B Canady Ricky SSG Alabama FQ-NS
920B Miguel Randolph SSG Colorado FQ-NS
921A Mejia Esteban SSG Fort Lee FQ-NS
923A Papa Danilo SSG Fort Lee FQ-NS
c. NS-NC Nonselect – Noncompetitive

The below named individuals were considered by the warrant officer candidate selection board and due to the competitive nature of the board process were not selected for the second time. IAW DA PAM 601-6, Chap 2, para 6, these individuals may not reapply for one year from the date of their DA 61 – application for appointment, page 3, block 42.

NS-NC Nonselect- Noncompetitive:

MOS Last Name First Name Rank Installation Status
151A Campos Juan SFC Fort Bragg NS-NC
151A Fischetto Anthony SSG Wheeler AAF NS-NC
151A Larareo Josef SSG Wheeler AAF NS-NC
151A Murphy Terrell SSG Fort Jackson NS-NC
151A Robertson James SSG Grand Junction NS-NC
153A Ashford Jeffrey SPC Fort Bragg NS-NC
153A Bousquet Theodore SPC Fort Carson NS-NC
153A Brousseau Gregory SPC Fort Hood NS-NC
153A Gyovai Frank SFC Pennsylvania NS-NC
153A Hendrix Garrett SGT JBLM NS-NC
153A Herrera Jonathan SPC Fort Hood NS-NC
153A Land Christopher SGT Camp Humphreys NS-NC
153A Laughery Mjoshua SGT Fort Hood NS-NC
153A Powell Lawrence SGT Alabama NS-NC
153A Riveraviruet Edwin SPC Korea NS-NC
153A Stammeyer Alex SGT Fort Rucker NS-NC
153A Tozer David SPC Fort Riley NS-NC
153A West Timothy SPC Fort Hood NS-NC
153A Zens Garrett SGT JBLM NS-NC
920A Frink Monika SGT Wheeler AAF NS-NC
920A Lander Tyrone SSG Germany NS-NC
920A Samidass-Williams Reshma SGT Fort Carson NS-NC
920B Cooper Jessica SGT JBLM NS-NC
920B Dixon Ventura SSG Fort Bragg NS-NC
920B Polke Cory SSG California NS-NC
920B Reid Luciean SSG Maryland NS-NC
920B Vinton Steven SSG Fort Meade NS-NC
922A Yin Michael SSG Fort Hood NS-NC

3. The points of contact for this selection list is Mr. Brandon Burnett, commercial (502) 626-0485, email: brandon.j.burnett4.civ@mail.mil special programs and board branch, (RCRO-SP).