MOS Conversion Bonus Program Reinstatement
A. MILPER Message Number 16-147, AHRC-EPF-R, 1 June 2016, subject: MOS Conversion Bonus Program Rescission.

B. Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 1304.31), 12 March 2013, subject: Enlisted Bonus Program (EBP).

1. This message is effective on 29 March 2017 and will expire no later than 29 March 2018.

2. This message announces the reinstatement of the Military Occupational Specialty Conversion Bonus (MOS-CB) program for Regular Army Soldiers and will be brought to the immediate attention of all commanders, reenlistment offices and recruiters.

3. The objective of this program is to attract highly qualified Soldiers in the rank of staff sergeant (SSG) and below, who are serving in an over-strength or balanced military occupational specialty (MOS), to migrate into a shortage MOS. Soldiers who are approved for this program are eligible to receive a lump sum bonus upon completion of training and awarding of the new MOS as listed in paragraph 8. Soldiers who are awarded the new MOS with additional skill identifier (ASI) of “4A” or “4B”, meaning reclassification training is required, are not eligible to receive this bonus until the Soldier has graduated training and the ASI of “4A” or “4B” is removed.

4. Soldiers who volunteer for this program must meet the following requirements:

a. Be a SSG (non-promotable) or below with no more than 12 years of total service at time of approved reclassification.

b. Have completed all obligated service incurred for receipt of an enlistment bonus (EB), selective retention bonus (SRB) (to include those who extended for the bonus extension incentive (BEI)), or written bonus agreement (WBA) upon award of the new MOS, or incur a debt equal to the unearned portion.

c. Meet all qualifications for requested MOS.

d. Agree to serve in the new MOS for a minimum of 36 continuous months upon award of the new MOS.

5. Eligibility for the MOS-CB is based on the date reclassification is approved and the rank held on that date. If the Soldier is subsequently promoted or the bonus is later changed, the Soldier will retain eligibility for the MOS-CB entitlement in effect at the time the request for reclassification was approved. As an exception, Soldiers reclassifying to an MOS listed in paragraph 8, that is also included in the Special MOS Alignment Promotion Program (SMAPP) as of the date of reclassification approval, are eligible for the MOS-CB based on the grade to which they are promoted upon course completion. Verification of the reclassification approval date for the conversion MOS can be found in the RETAIN system.

6. Soldiers eligible for the MOS-CB program will have 90 days from completion of training or reclassification approval date (if no training is required) to apply. Soldiers applying for MOS 79R will not use attendance to the “Center Commanders Course” as a reason for late submission as it is not the MOS producing portion of the 79R course.

7. Soldiers must contact their local career counselor to complete the request for MOS-CB agreement document. This document is used to establish eligibility for the MOS-CB program. The MOS agreement will be downloaded from the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) knowledge center: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/files/41213740. The local career counselor will forward MOS orders and the MOS-CB agreement/request to U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC), ATTN: AHRC-EPF-R, via the case management system (CMS). Once received, applications will be processed through HRC for final determination. Approved applications will be processed by HRC through DFAS-IN via the CMS system for payment.

8. The following MOS and ranks are included in the MOS-CB program and are authorized the amount listed below:

79R RECRUITER $2000 $2000

9. Once approved for this program, any Soldier who fails to serve in the bonus MOS for a minimum of 36 continuous months from award of the MOS will be subject to recoupment of the unserved portion of the bonus.

10. Soldiers eligible for an SRB in their converted MOS must choose between the SRB and the MOS-CB. Soldiers are not authorized to receive an SRB and an MOS-CB for the same period of service.

11. Soldiers with questions pertaining to the MOS-CB and eligibility requirements addressed in this message should contact their servicing career counselor. Career counselors with questions regarding this message will contact their appropriate command retention office. The point of contact is the Retention and Reclassification Branch, AHRC-EPF-R, HRC, Fort Knox, KY at usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-ait@mail.mil.