Official Release of the FY17 Active Guard Reserve (AGR) First Sergeant (1SG) Centralized Selection Panel Results
A. MILPER Message Number 16-321, 10 Nov 16, subject: FY17 Active Guard Reserve (AGR) First Sergeant (1SG) Centralized Selection List Panel.

B. HQDA Memorandum (DAAR-HR), 2 Jan 14, subject: Army Reserve (AR) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Command Team Assignment Program.

1. This message expires no later than 1 Feb 18, and applies only to AGR Master Sergeants and Sergeants First Class (P) serving in the United States Army Reserve.

2. The Fiscal Year (FY) 17 AGR 1SG slating results will remain close hold until the official release date, and will be posted to the Human Resources Command website on the official release date for commanders, Soldiers, and human resources professionals to download.

3. The official release date is 29 Mar 17.

4. The FY17 AGR 1SG panel slating results link is: https://www.hrc.army.mil/default.aspx?id=16376.

5. Points of contact for the AGR 1SG program: SFC Casey Calihan, AGR Nominative Manager, at (502) 613-4850, DSN 983-4850, casey.l.calihan.mil@mail.mil, or MSG Keith Jones, Chief, Regional Account Manager, at (502) 613-5111, DSN 983-5113, keith.g.jones3.mil@mail.mil.