Army Space Personnel Development Office (ASPDO) Revised Procedural Guide #2 Update (1 May 2017)
1. This message will expire no later than 1 April 2018.

2. The purpose of this message is to inform space cadre of a revision to ASPDO Procedural Guide #2, which will be posted on 1 May 2017.

3. ASPDO manages the skill identifier (SI)/additional skill identifier (ASI) 3Y on behalf of the Commanding General, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT). All inquiries pertaining to this program should be addressed to ASPDO at telephone number (719) 554-0455.

4. The new procedural guide outlines the new criteria. Processing procedures can be found on the Army Space Knowledge Management Site (ASKMS) at https://army.deps.mil/army/sites/askms/badges/sitepages/home.aspx. For access, ensure you select your CAC email certificate when prompted.

5. Scan and email all requests for the SI/ASI 3Y with supporting documentation to usarmy.peterson.smdc.mbx.aspdo@mail.mil. Requests can also be mailed to the following address:

350 Vandenberg Street
Peterson AFB, CO 80914

6. Questions concerning the SI/ASI 3Y should be addressed to April Pellegrino, ASPDO Operations Officer, at telephone (719) 554-0455 or email april.s.pellegrino.civ@mail.mil.