Field Grade Officer Ranger Assessment and Selection Process (Field Grade RASP)
A. DA PAM 600-3 (Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management), 3 Dec 14.

1. This message will expire 8 Sep 17.

2. This message is to inform active duty captains (promotable) and majors about the unique opportunity to attend the field grade officer Ranger Assessment and Selection Process (Field Grade RASP) for potential assignment to the 75th Ranger Regiment.

3. The 75th Ranger Regiment is looking to assess active duty promotable captains and majors who are seeking to serve in key development (KD) or post KD broadening assignments. Eligible officers must be in year groups 2004 to 2007 and available for assignment no later than July 2018. Interested officers from the following branches and careers fields are invited to apply:

a. Infantry (ranger qualified; 4 KD assignments, 3 broadening assignments).

b. Logistician (1 X assignment; considered KD or broadening).

c. Adjutant General (1 X assignment; considered KD or broadening).

d. Military Intelligence (1 KD assignment).

e. SAMS Planner: (2 broadening assignments).

f. Field Artillery (1 X assignment; considered KD or broadening).

g. Signal Corps (1 X assignment; considered KD or broadening).

h. Finance (1 X assignment; considered KD or broadening).

i. Functional Area 30 (1 x assignment; considered KD or broadening).

j. Medical Service (1 x assignment; considered KD or broadening).

k. Physician Assistant (1 x assignment; considered KD or broadening).

l. Public Affairs Officer (1 KD assignment).

4. The application window is open from the release of this message until 11 Aug 17.

5. Interested officers will submit applications to 75officerrecruit@soc.mil. Applicants will also courtesy copy their assignment officer at Human Resource Command (HRC) when they submit their application.

6. Application packets must be complete and collated into a single .PDF file, 6 MB or less and labeled with the following naming convention: “last name, first name, rank, branch, year group—field grade rasp 2017.”

A complete application must include the following, in this order:

a. Updated ORB with current DA Photo. ORB must reflect a valid secret or top secret clearance.

b. One page letter of intent addressed to the regimental commander.

c. Letters of recommendation; minimum of two.

d. All officer evaluation reports received as a major and captain; academic evaluation report from CGSC / ILE qualifying program (if complete) and CCC.

e. RASP pre-screening form; available by request or online at http://www.benning.army.mil/tenant/75thranger/recruiting.html.

f. Valid contact information (included in the body of your email); personal cell phone, personal mailing address and alternate email address (civilian) and any requests for information (RFI) you may have.

g. To manage file attachment size, compile and submit lieutenant evaluations and academic evaluation reports from BOLC in a second email labeled “last name, first name, rank, branch, year group—application part 2.” This attachment also cannot exceed 6 MB.

7. Following an initial screening, select candidates are notified by email they are invited to attend the assessment in person at Fort Leavenworth, KS (FLKS). All others are notified of their non-invite status. For those selected to attend the assessment, there are several additional steps to complete prior to arriving at FLKS:

a. Submission of candidate cover sheet (format to be provided).

b. Complete psychological evaluation (test material to be mailed) and schedule one on one interview; coordinated by regimental psychologist section directly with candidates.

c. Have a valid “ranger physical” completed within 6 months of the assessment; waiver requests must be routed to the regimental surgeon NLT 11 Aug 17. Contact the regimental surgeon at (706) 545-4545 with questions.

8. Candidates must arrive to FLKS NLT 06 1600 Sep 17 and remain at FLKS through 11 1100 Sep 17. A recommended packing list will be provided. Travel to Fort Leavenworth are coordinated by the RSTB S4 section; candidates must ensure they have a valid GTC.

9. The Regimental Selection and Training Company (RSTC) administers critical event testing at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas from 07 Sep 17 to 08 Sep 17. Critical event testing consists of the ranger fitness test (58 pushups, 69 situps, 40 minute or less 5 mile run, 6 chin ups) and a 12 mile foot march with 35 lb. rucksack, LBE and weapon. Uniforms for these events will be IAW AR 670-1. Equipment for the foot march (rucksack, LBE, weapon) will be provided by the RSTC cadre.

10. Candidates conduct an informal meet and greet with regimental leaders on 08 Sep 17. The selection boards convene from 09 Sep 17 to 10 Sep 17 during which candidates will be interviewed by senior leaders of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Officers are notified of their selection status at the conclusion of the boards.

11. For questions contact 75officerrecruit@soc.mil or the regimental recruiting detachment OIC at 706-545-0575.